Coronavirus Symptoms

2. Fatigue

Let’s start with a research report. ‘WHO’ has done research on a specific laboratory. ‘WHO’ (World Health Organization) founded that, among 6000 patients, almost 40% of patients have symptoms of Fatigue. This is an early-stage symptom of coronavirus. As the symptoms start with fever and cough and after a few days you will start to suffer from Fatigue. For example, after sleeping for hours, once you will wake up, still you will feel really tired. If thing also adds with fever and cough, then don’t waste a minute, please.

It’s high time for consulting with a doctor. Once you will do the test, you will get to know the real thing. We would like to end this part with other data. Please don’t be conscious if Fatigue continues, even if you get cured of the novel coronavirus, still, Fatigue may continue for about 1/2 weeks. So in that time period, don’t become really conscious. Just take the necessary steps, hopefully, you will be totally fine.

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