5th week Assignment 2022 HSC candidates

5th-week Assignment 2022 HSC candidates The assignment process is going on for HSC students of 2022. The secondary and Higher-secondary education board published the 5th-week assignment for next year’s HSC candidates on Sunday (15th August). From Monday (16th August) they will start their activities for the upcoming assignment.

HSC 5th week Assignment 2022

Due to the COVID situation, all the Educational institutions are closed from 18th March 2020 and cannot continue their regular educational activities for the students of session 2020-21 who are studying in 11th and that’s why the board couldn’t evaluate them. Education Ministry took some Steps to evaluate them. Through this process, NCTB readjusts the syllabus of HSC candidates for 2022. According to Ministry’s instruction, NCTB is giving assignments to subject-wise evolution and readjusts students’ syllabus.

This department also says that they will give results on students’ assignments. Assignments are given by the Rearranged syllabus of the students weekly. Assignments will publish early week on the education Ministries website. The student collects new assignments from their institution by submitting their previous ones.

The local administration of the ministry says that every institution should follow social distancing and health rules.
By evaluating assignments they have to check the accuracy and reliability of the students, After evaluating, the teacher should comment on students’ success and weaknesses which they observed.

If needed, the students want to know the details of their results from teachers. Every individual institution has to take the record of results and that will be monitored by the local authority of the ministry


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