Coronavirus Symptoms

1. Headache, sore throat, and congestion

Finally, we are in the very last corona affected symptoms. When coronavirus was found in China, almost 14% of infected people had the symptom of Headache, sore throat, congestion. We know the amount if not that big. A lot of people used to have this problem. Because headache is a very normal problem in our today’s life.

But this year, you can’t take this problem normally. Because of the novel coronavirus. If you find this symptom, then you should call a doctor. He/she will go for the further test and make you know, whether it’s a normal headache or it’s a sign of corona. In short, there is no scope of taking anything lightly. You never know, what is waiting for you in the next few days. So stay safe and do always remain under the consultation of a doctor.

Conclusion– In the conclusion part, we would like to spread some positive words. People with a high immune system and younger age are in less amount of risk. But people having age more than 60 or people who had diabetes earlier or used to suffer from kidney diseases and so on are in a greater amount of risk. So our request to the young fellows will be, please take care of your older relatives. Stay home. Take a break from your regular life, spend some quality time with your family. Because that’s the only way, how you can save yourself and your family.

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