Privacy Policy

We are aware that privacy is of utmost importance to users of the internet. Thus, we want to inform you of the data we collect, how we acquire it, what we do with it, and how we treat it. All of these details can be found on this page. Hosing Sav LLC FZ and its parent company, Hosing Sav LLC, highly value the privacy of all visitors to our website and guarantee that any information given to us is protected with the utmost care. We follow the Personal Data Protection Act and, if relevant, the General Data Protection Regulation, which came into effect on April 8th, 2018.

Currently, our website does not enable users to create profiles, comment on articles, or purchase products. We also cannot register for a newsletter with your personal information. We can only obtain your personalized data if you fill out our contact form, but the info you provide is limited. We do use anonymous data to ensure the proper functioning of the website and improve it. We acquire this information through functional and analytical cookies. Additionally, we use marketing cookies, but only if you give us permission. For more details, please read our Cookie Statement.

It is obligatory for all of Hosing Sav LLC.’s employees to respect the confidentiality of your data.

  1. Who are we?

Hosing Sav LLC. is a Limited Liability Company, established with an office in Dubai, UAE. Our Company Formation Number 22-03430.

  1. What type of personal data do we collect and process?

Our services use personal data It has been previously mentioned that Daily News Gallery does not offer the opportunity to make a personal account, comment on posts, purchase items, or join a mailing list. As such, there is no need to collect any personal information from users.

Collecting and processing contact information

On our website, we provide an easy-to-use contact form for you to reach out to our editorial team with any questions or remarks you may have. The form requires your email address so our team can process your inquiry and get back to you with an answer. To ensure your privacy, we ask for your permission to save your information before you submit the form. We take your privacy seriously and guarantee that your information will be kept safe and not shared with anyone else.

Collecting and processing automatically generated statistical data

To ensure our website remains efficient and to facilitate improvements, we process data about how you use our website. Optimizing the website mostly involves technical alterations, like making certain our pages are displayed properly and that they are secure and protected. The data collected may include the type of device you use (desktop, mobile, tablet), your IP address (the address of your device which is often linked to your location), the browser you use, the operating system you use, the pages you visit on our website and where you came from prior to landing on our website. This data is anonymous, and it is impossible to trace it back to you. This information is retrieved by placing analytical cookies. You can read more about this in our Cookie Statement.

Processing data for marketing purposes

Of course, We are hopeful that you are considering visiting our website due to your interest in our content. To finance the new content that is regularly posted on our website, we acquire our revenue from advertisements. Our objective is to make the ads that you see as pertinent to you as possible. To be able to do this, we are in need of assistance from third parties, but only with your approval. These third parties collect data from websites you have been to, products you have viewed, your clicking behavior, or your online interests to consequently show you an advertisement that will be of interest to you. This data is processed, with your consent, by displaying an ad. For more information on this process and to gain insight into the options you have to not have this information used by these companies, please refer to our Cookie Statement and click here. Hosing Sav LLC. does not have access to this information and does not store it anywhere.

Processing data for social media purposes

On our website, there are share buttons for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest so that users can share articles, videos, and images. In order for these buttons to work, cookies are placed when consent is given. When someone clicks one of the share buttons, they don’t have to log in again as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest will recognize them. Hosing Sav LLC. does not store or have access to the data associated with these platforms, and more information can be found in our Cookie Statement. What do we use the collected data for and what legal bases do we rely on? Purposes We’ve already described this above, but collecting and processing the necessary contact information and processing depersonalized statistical data is necessary to:

  • Enable you to use the website;
  • Be able to respond to questions and remarks you send us via the contact form;
  • Draw up anonymous statistical data;
  • Protect, adjust, and improve the website.

Collecting and processing contact information and processing statistical data is necessary for safeguarding the legitimate interests of Hosing Sav LLC., and can therefore not be refused. If you agree to allow Hosing Sav LLC. to share your personal information with outside parties for marketing or social media, you must give your permission on our website. More details about this can be found in our Cookie Statement. After your permission is granted, anonymized information will be processed to be able to:

  • Show relevant and interesting advertisements
  • Share our articles
  • Make sure the same advertisement isn’t shown again and again
  • Track what other websites you visit

Processing depersonalized data intended for marketing and social media purposes is not obligatory and it is up to you as a user of our website to give your permission or not. Hosing Sav LLC. is legally obligated to obtain your permission before processing this data. Usage of your data by third parties

The information we receive and the method in which it is handled will not be distributed to any third parties without your express consent. Any data provided in the contact form will remain confidential unless you grant us authorization to share it. You can revoke this permission at any point by contacting us. In the Cookie Statement, you will come across a compilation of the partners with whom we exchange depersonalized analytical and functional cookies and, only if you give us your approval, the data employed for advertising and social media objectives.

Hosing Sav LLC. will take the necessary steps to ensure that if your personal information is shared with third parties, appropriate safeguards will be put in place. This may include entering into a contract with the third party that outlines the boundaries for using your personal information as well as imposing obligations for safeguarding it. At last, Hosting Sav LLC. is obligated to give out your personal data to third parties if it is necessary to comply with laws, and regulations if a lawsuit is filed, or if we must protect our own rights.

Hyperlinks by third parties

By clicking any of the hyperlinks on our website, you will be taken to a site belonging to a different company. Hosing Sav LLC. has no control over what services this other website provides or how it operates. These other websites have their own policies regarding data privacy that are not related to the policy of Hosing Sav LLC. For this reason, Hosing Sav LLC. cannot be held responsible or liable for the services, methods, or content of any third-party websites.

  1. How long do we keep your personal information?

The automatic data that is collected (statistical, marketing, and social media data) will not be retained by us but will be sent directly by us. You can find out from the recipient how long these data will be stored. Our Cookie Statement offers more details about this. Your personal information submitted through the contact form will only be kept for as long as necessary for the original purpose it was gathered. Generally, it can be removed once we have answered your inquiry or concern. We will only hold onto it for a longer period of time if we are legally mandated to do so, or if it is essential to protect our interests (in the event of a disagreement between you and us).

5. How is your personal information protected?

At Hosting Sav LLC., we strive to ensure the security of all data collected. Our technical team is continually implementing security measures to prevent any unauthorized access or loss of information. If you would like to learn more about our security protocols, please reach out to us through the contact form.

6. Cookies

As mentioned, we utilize cookies, pixels (or similar methods), and social media plugins on our website. A few of these cookies are required for the website to work properly, while others help enhance the website and allow us to display appropriate advertisements and posts. We have provided a detailed explanation in our Cookie Statement.

7. Access, improvement, and transferability of your data

If you are curious to find out which of your personal data we have stored, you can submit a query through our contact form. This only applies to the personal data that we have collected and not those that we have merely processed. Thus, the only data you will be able to access is the data that you have provided through the contact form. If you would like to modify the information you have requested, you can let the customer service representative who has helped you know. They can make changes, enhancements, additions, and deletions or alter your data in any other way accordingly. You have the privilege to receive in a machine-readable form, the personal details you gave to us. You can send in this request through the contact form and Hosing Sav LLC. will answer you within one month. In some rare cases, if the demand is very intricate, Hosing Sav LLC. may take up to three months to answer you and will inform you within the first month. If Hosing Sav LLC. refuses your request, we will notify you in writing.

8. Can I refuse my personal data to be used?

When you reach out to us, we require your personal information in order to reply to you. Anonymous requests cannot be answered. We use anonymized data for operational and statistical reasons, and you can stop it by disabling cookies in your browser. To learn more, please read our Cookie Statement. If you don’t want us to use your data for promotional or social media purposes, you can decline permission when you’re asked while on our website.

9. Can this Privacy Policy be changed? We suggest that you come back to this page on a regular basis to see if any changes have been made to this privacy policy since your last visit. These changes can be made without any notification to our visitors.