Coronavirus Symptoms

8. Dry Cough

Okay, if you have a dry cough, then please talk with a doctor. Surely he/she will suggest you do the necessary test. Actually, dry cough will also create some other problems. For example, you will suffer from pain in the lower part of the belly, because of coughing regularly. We also would like to share statistics. After doing research, it is found that almost the maximum number of infected people used to suffer from dry cough. But luckily, they took it seriously and consulted with the doctor.

Thus a huge amount of lives were saved, as those infected people were isolated as soon as possible. Another thing is, if you have a dry cough, then you are suggested to wear face masks. That will save others. Lastly, we would like to share one thing. It’s not like dry cough will only occur when you will get infected by Coronavirus. There might be some other reasons also. So don’t get too much scared. If you become so, the risk might increase a lot. Just stay calm and take all the steps which are ordered by the health officials.

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