Coronavirus Symptoms

3. Loss of smell and taste

Okay, we will talk about a disease named anosmia. Anosmia is all about, you will lose your smell and taste. This disease can actually happen for several reasons. But the thing is, anosmia is also a symptom of coronavirus. Let’s talk in deep. After collecting data about infected people, researchers found that a specific amount of people actually suffer from anosmia and after doing the test, it is recognized that, they are suffering from coronavirus.

Do you know what is the most dangerous fact? This symptom is found in some corona patients, who don’t have any other symptoms like fever or cough. So if you have this problem and take this very normal, then you are going to do a very big mistake. Another research that was done in South Korea gives us some more specific data.

The Koran researchers found that almost 30% of corona patients have this symptom. So there is no way of taking this normally. Lastly, we are sharing a test named ‘jellybean test’. This test is done to find out whether you are suffering from anosmia or not. So if you think that, you have lost your smell and taste, you can do the jellybean test and find out the real thing.

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