Coronavirus Symptoms

7. Chills and body aches

Most probably that’s the worst situation anyone can feel. You might feel an unlimited type of cold and body aches. But the most important fact is, this problem mainly occurs at night. That means when you go to bed for sleeping, you will face that problem. People who get cured of coronavirus said that ‘sometimes they felt like, they are sleeping in an area which is totally covered with snow and because of that they are feeling really cold.

The feeling of body aches is also dangerous. You will feel like someone is beating you. But one important fact is that, don’t just get conscious once you feel this. Isolate yourself and take the medicine which your doctor suggested. Because sometimes this might happen because of seasonal flu or something like that. But if this continues even after one week, then you shouldn’t waste time. Call the emergency number and they will take the next necessary steps.

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