Coronavirus Symptoms

9. Fever

Now we are going to talk about the most common symptom of coronavirus. But before describing this symptom, we would like to clarify on find. Just because you are suffering from fever doesn’t mean that you are infected by a coronavirus. This might be normal flue or even your body might be fighting with another disease. These things can also cause a high fever.

So don’t get panicked. But if you find a high temperature at this time, you should do the test. That will ensure that you are completely fine or not. The question is that, which temperature you should take seriously. To be very honest, 98 or even 99.5-degree Fahrenheit is not abnormal. That’s quite fine if your body temperature is even 99.5. But if somehow the temperature touches 100 degrees, then its time to become a bit of conscious and call to the emergency number. To be very honest, the very first sign of coronavirus is high fever. But unfortunately, most of the people took this symptom very normally.

If we talk about countries like Italy and Spain, they took fever and cough very normally and now they are suffering like never before. So our cordial request to all our readers will be, please don’t take this symptom very normally, if you have a high fever, then isolate yourself from other people. Most importantly, if the senior citizens are found having high fever, don’t even dare to waste a second.

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