Oppo MagVOOC: smartphone manufacturers within the android facet are exploring wireless charging technologies for quite your time. However, Apple is set to require another route with its iPhone 12 series that includes a brand new magnetic wireless charging answer dubbed MagSafe.

This technology equips a charging coil to the rear of the iPhone with the assistance of its constitutional magnets to charge the device at up to 15W wireless charging, the charging speed isn’t very spectacular, However, android OEMs area unit setting out to play with this implementation. Earlier this month, Realme unveiled its MagDart magnetic wireless charging technology. Now, its sister company, Oppo, is making ready its own technology dubbed Oppo MagVOOC.

Realme unveiled 2 MagDart devices that charge smartphones at 15W and 50W speeds. whereas the primary is proof that the corporate will do one thing like Apple, the second charger clearly obliterates Apple’s answer. Considering that Oppo and Realme typically share an equivalent technologies, we are able to expect Oppo to unveil an identical set of chargers.

OPPO MAGVOOC CHARGING is also coming back presently

Oppo has simply filed a trademark for MagVOOC charging that indicates the company’s intentions of exploring this technology. sadly, the trademark listing doesn’t reveal lots of concerning the charging mechanism well. That being aforesaid, we are able to expect it to be fairly just like what Realme presently offers. In alternative words, Oppo may unveil MagVOOC with 50W and 15W magnetic charging speeds. the corporate may conjointly launch special charging devices that include such technology. Realme, for example, unveiled the Realme Flash because the 1st and solely android smartphone features magnetic wireless charging.

We can expect this coming back with a future Oppo flagship smartphone, maybe beneath a special lineup a bit like the Realme Flash. The charging mechanism can use the device’s magnets to wireless charge a smartphone with a coil on the rear. Realme Flash may be connected to the 50W MagDart device for charging wirelessly. per the corporate, the fast-charger will charge a 4,500 mAh battery up to 20 % in barely 5 minutes and completed it among an hour. The 50W magnetic charger conjointly options an energetic air cooling system geared toward maintaining the mainboard and coil temperatures at safe levels.

Interestingly, there’s another purpose wherever the Realme MagDart excels Apple’s MagSafe answer. The Chinese firm MagDart charger is simply three.9mm thick, that is concerning 26.4% diluent than Apple’s MagSafe charger.

Getting back to the purpose, we should always hear a lot of details concerning Oppo’s MagVOOC charging answer within the coming back months.