Bangladesh Independence Day

Bangladesh Independence Day is today : History of the Indepedence

Bangladesh Independence Day is today. Independence Day History is available here. The Day is celebrating now all over the Country. Famous people from other countries are wishing Bangladesh on its 48 Independence Day. Early of this day in 1971, Rangpur was a full-on war even before the black night of March 25.

Today the 48th Independence of Bangladesh is celebrating with different completion across the School, College, and University. Add some extra feature to celebrate with more attractive. So, the below items are only for you who want to participate the Day with each other.

Too many reasons were available. General Election in 1970 and Historic 7th March Speech of Mujibar Rahman, and Operation Search Light has increased the possibilities of Liberation War.

After that, the Declaration of Liberation War commencement of genocide in Dhaka, Bangabandhu declared independence and broadcasted it via wireless. All sectors defense of Bangladesh, Common people, and others kept themselves ready for the Liberation Way which started on 26 March 2019.

On behalf of our great national leader, supreme commander of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman do hereby proclaim the independence of Bangladesh. – Major Ziaur Rahman.

People don’t know the Independence Declaration of Bangladesh. The Declaration of Independence is: Last night of 25 March, the great political leader, Father of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Declared the Independence of Bangladesh. After the day, Major Ziaur has declared it again.

After a long time of Liberation War, Bangladesh got Independent. The Victory Day of Bangladesh is 16 December. Many people don’t know Independence Day and Victory Day clearly. So, We hope this information will help you to understand the issue.

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