Ultimate Guide to CBD Hemp Oil for Pets Cannabis Dog Edibles

CBD is starting to develop a great reputation with cat and dog owners; it’s beginning to become the product people automatically turn to if their beloved pet gets sick, has conditions they struggle with, or is aging.

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

There’s a misconception that hemp is not safe for pets. This isn’t true; in fact, CBD hemp oil is absolutely healthy and safe, and it’s created from hemp seeds that have been pressed. It’s also legal across all fifty states, so you don’t have to worry as you make a purchase. There are tons of health benefits that SimplyPets CBD has to offer, for both you and your pet.

Rather than simple hemp oil, CBD hemp oil has not only hemp seeds, but also many parts of hemp that have been all pressed together. CBD hemp oil and hemp oil are the same thing–except which part of the plant they contain.

What Should I Know about CBD Hemp Oil?

  • CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties. Hemp does come from cannabis; however, it will not get your pet buzzed and does not come with any side effects that will alter your pet’s mental state. Hemp does not contain THC, which is the compound that provides a buzz, and has been tested thoroughly worldwide.
  • It can help to reduce anxiety. Hundreds of pet owners are turning to CBD hemp oil to keep their pets soothed and calm. Pets get very anxious, just like us, from a wide variety of things. Hemp can provide a calming and soothing relief that puts your pet at ease, even if you’re gone. It can help with social and noise anxiety as well.
  • It helps to relieve pain. Another big issue pet owners use CBD hemp oil for is to provide pain relief for their pets. Whether your dog got injured or has a chronic disease that causes pain, CBD alleviates that pain and is one of the most common reasons pet owners turn to hemp oil in the first place.
  • It reduces inflammation. On top of anxiety and pain, CBD hemp oil also provides immense relief from inflammation and is a common disease that dogs and cats suffer from. If your pet has swelling, redness, and shaking anywhere on their body, giving them hemp can help it go away.

How to Dose CBD Hemp Oil

For dogs, you should give them two doses per day. A dosage is measured in drops, and the product you purchase will give specific details. Sprinkle a drop or two into your dog’s food twice a day. The same goes for cats. No matter which animal you have, begin with a low dosage, and work your way up from there once you take note of how they react.

As their owner, it’s your job to help your cat and dog deal with their ailments and conditions. It’s recommended that you begin to give your pet hemp oil when they’re very young, so their well-being is supported throughout their whole life.

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