FMOVIES – Are you a movie lover? If the answer is yes, then this website is just for you. You will get every single type of movie on this website. So right now, you might be thinking about how to find out the website and use it.

Obviously, you have an internet connection, right? Okay, just open any of your browsers and type Once you type this and click on the enter button you will be on their official website. You will be able to see the movie list, the drama list and so on. But just going to their website is not enough. Read More about Movierulz its a Telugu, Hindi Dubbed & Tamil Movies Download site

You have to be a member of them. How to do that? 

The process is very simple. All you need to do is just follow some steps. The steps are given and explained below-

  1. First of all, you have to click on the’ log’ in section. You will find the login option on the very right side of the website.
  2. Once you clicked, they will ask you to give your email id and password. But as still, you didn’t make an account, you will have to click on the ‘register’ option.
  3. After that, they will ask you to fill a form. On this form, you will have to type your-
  4. Display name( give a name which you want to see when you go to their website)
  5. Username( Fix your user name)
  6. Email ( Give an email of yours)
  7. Password (Set a password. Make sure, you remember the password. If needed, note the password. But you are requested to set a strong password)
  8. Confirm password (This part is given so that you become confirm about your previously given password. Type the password which you gave in the previous section)
  9. Type few words from a picture( they will give the picture. It’s just to prove that, you are not a robot)
  10. After filling all these sections, you have to click on the ‘register’ section.

That’s it! That’s all the steps that you have to follow to access your very favorite website. Search your favorite movies and drama series. It’s your movie world, watch whatever you want!

How to Download Movie from FMovies?

Nowadays people really love to watch movies on their home, instead of going to a Mega Cineplex. But the question is, do you love to watch movies on your home?

As you are reading this article, we think, you actually love to do that.

Now most probably, a lot of movie websites are coming to your mind. But trust us, FMovies is the best website from which you can watch and download movies from free. Without wasting your valuable time, let’s make you know how to download a movie from FMovies.

The most important thing is, you have to open an account on their website. The process of making an account is given above, we hope you have gone through it. Now you will have a lot of options in front of you.

Automatically a movie chart will be shown on the page. You can check the chart and find out a good movie. But if you think those movies are not that good, then you have other options.

You will see several options on the home page. The options will be ‘Genre, country, movies, TV-series, A-Z list, Release, Most Watched, Request, Anime’. So you can select any one of them. Suppose you want to see a movie of a specific genre. Then what to do?

Just click on the ‘genre’ option, you will see several types of genres like ‘action’ ‘romantic’, ‘fantasy’ and so on. All you need to do is clicking on the genre you want. Once you do that, you will get your desired genre movies. For example, let’s say, if you click on the ‘action’ option then you will see a lot of action movies.

Most of the time, people watch a movie which name they heard from someone else or they heard that a specific movie is good. In that case, people have a name on their mind and they want to watch that specific movie. Before coming to the website if you decided to watch a specific movie, then you can type the name of that movie on the ‘search’ option. You will see an empty box. An icon of a magnifying glass is also added on the right of the box. Just type the name of the movie you want to watch and click on the enter button.

The interesting fact of this website is, you can select several country movies. If you want to see movies in the USA Or Hungary then you can click on them.

Enough with the explanation of links, getting back to the download process. Once you find your desired movie, click on that movie. You will find the original page of that movie.

Here comes the main part. Now you have to play it. The playing process might take some time depending on your internet speed. When the movie will be played, then you can download it.

For downloading, please check the right side of the bottom of this page. You will get a download icon. It might be a bit tough to find the download icon if you never downloaded a movie before from any website. Not a big deal. Move the cursor and keep on every single option for a while. The name of every single option will be shown. At one stage, you will find the download icon.

Now please click on the download icon. In most cases, you will be redirected to a new window. Not a big deal. Come back to your previous window. In this stage, you won’t get just an icon. You will get a box named ‘download’. Once again click on that option. Right after that, you will see the movie is downloaded.

The downloading time depends on which country you are living in. We mean, it depends on your internet speed.

Finally, it’s your time. Your desired movie is saved on your PC/Laptop. Watch it whenever you want. Most importantly, you don’t have to stand in the long queue for collecting tickets. Because you have a movie!

I hope you are going to enjoy the movie which you will download.

Follow Below Steps to Download FMovies Movie 

Dear readers, it might be a tough task for you to download from FMovies.

Not a big deal. We are here. Would you mind if we explain each step of the downloading process?

We hope, you won’t. So without wasting your valuable time, let’s go to the steps-

  1. Open an account- We already talked about it. If you want to download movies from their website then you have to open an account on their website and be a member. Please note the fact that opening an account is safe with them. Just like all other websites, they will also collect your cookies. As all most all websites do the same, we expect that you will take that thing normally.
  2. Find out your desired movie- That’s the most valuable part. You have to find out the movie which you really want to watch. For finding out, you can type the name of the movie you want to watch. Once you will type the name and click on the search option, you will get the movie that you wanted to watch. If you don’t know the names of movies, then still FMovies is with you.

Trust us, it’s a very simple process. You will get several options on the website’s home page. Genre, Country, TV-series and so on. You can select a specific genre. If the genre is not an important fact, then please click on the ‘country’ option. Several country names will be shown. Select any one of them. In a word, a lot of options are available. It’s up to the users, what they actually want to see!

Still, you didn’t find any good movie, then there is the easiest option. Click on the ‘most-watched’ option. Movies that are watched by most of people will be displayed in front of you. All you need to do is just click on any of the movies.

  1. Downloading process– Once a user is done with the movie selection process, then the downloading process arrives. Honestly speaking the downloading process of this website is pretty simple. What to do?

You got the movie which you wanted to watch, so click on the movie poster. After that, you will be taken to the original page of that movie. Now please click on the ‘play’ sign. After that, you will find a download icon on the right side of the bottom of the page. Almost every single user actually knows the download icon. But if somehow, that icon is not familiar to anyone then he/she can move the cursor and keep it on every single icon for a while. If he/she does so when the cursor will touch the download icon the word ‘download’ will be visible. Just click on it. Right after that, you will find a box that will be named ‘download’. Once again click on it.

That’s all about the downloading process. We explained step to step just because of one reason. That is making you know all the probable way. I hope you are going to have a great experience while downloading movies from this website.

Few Alternatives to FMovies

What about if you can’t enter the FMovies website?

You can’t watch and download movies? No, you have some options also.

Yes, FMovies is the best site to watch movies. But luckily, you got some alternatives of it. If somehow you can’t enter the website then these alternatives will help you to get your desired movies.

Now you might be thinking, what are the alternative sites, right?

Without wasting your valuable time, let’s find out some of the alternatives of FMovies where you can watch and download movies-

  1. Vidics-If you want to know all the details of a movie and all the details of the actor/actress of that movie then Vidics is the best site for you. Once you go to their website, you will be able to find out every single detail of your desired one. For sure, that’s a big opportunity for you. But we have a recommendation for you. If you want to watch movies online through this website then please download Flash player/ DivX. This will help you to watch movies online without any haste.
  2.  TwoMovies – Do you know why they used ‘B’ on the word Bmovies? They actually wanted to mean ‘blockbuster’. An interesting fact of this website is that you can watch a lot of blockbuster movies without paying a single amount of money! But yes, there is an issue. You can’t use this website in all countries. Because of some reasons, a few country’s governments declared it illegal. Not only that, some countries’ governments may punish you just because of using the Bmovies website.
  3. XMovies– Don’t go with the letter ‘X’! For sure, it’s not a p-o-r-n movie website. It’s just like all other websites where you can watch movies. The most important fact of this website is that you don’t have to open an account to watch or download movies!
  4. iOnline Movies– ‘ Whatever you want to see, we will find it for you’ that’s the motto of this website. No matter what you search they will bring it in front of you. It’s not like you can only watch movies on this website. They offer something more than that. They have a huge amount of TV series on their website and obviously they are updating the list day by day. So once you will go to their website you will find a great opportunity to watch whatever you want.
  5. YesMovies- If you are looking for too many movies and TV series on a specific platform, and then this website is just for you. Trust us, once you will reach their website, every single exaction of yours will meet because of their high profile service. Their service might be illegal in some countries that are the one and only problem. Rather than that, they actually don’t save all the data in their server. They connect their website with third party content providers and once you click on a movie poster, you will be taken directly to the third-party content provider.
  6. House Movie– This specific website has a huge amount of movies on its server. Want to know the amount? Almost 4000 movies are stored on their website. Just like all other websites, you will be able to watch and download movies for free. Most importantly, you can find out your genre by selecting the appropriate genre of yours.
  7. Rainierland Movies– What about if we say, this website does not show any kind of ads? Yes, that’s the truth. You won’t find a single ad while watching movies on this website. So no ads, no disturbance. Honestly speaking if you search on the internet about the best online movie watching website, then you will see the name of this website.
  8. GOMovies– If you are the type of person who actually loves to watch the newly released movies then this website is just for you. You will find all the movies here which got released a few days ago. Unfortunately, using this website might be illegal in some countries. Another negative fact of this website is that the movie print quality is not that good. You will have to watch low print quality while you watch a movie here.
  9. 123Movies– Only a few websites have the largest database of movies. This website is one of them. You will find a lot of movies here. No matter which movie you look for, you will get it. Not only that, they have several options. You can select movies according to your type, according to the year and so on.
  10. Movie4k– This website has the fastest streaming facility among everyone else. Its up to you which movie you want to search but the website won’t take more than a second to find out your desired movie. They have all the popular and hit movies of all time. If you are searching for all the remarkable movies who made history, then this website is for you.
  11. MovieWatcher– Just like all other websites this website will also ensure the best possible comfort of yours. No matter which movie you want to download, they will allow you and obviously for free. You will have the full freedom to select your own movie.
  12. HDMoviesPoint-A very special fact of this one is that you will have the opportunity to see HD movies in so many qualities. Luckily they have all kinds of movies. For example, we can say, you will find romantic movies, horror movies and any type you want. But yes, there is an issue. If you want to download movies from this website, then you have to create an account first. Without creating an account, you won’t get the opportunity to download movies. Though the account creating process is really simple.

These are all the probable alternatives to FMovies. We shared the names so that you can make the best use of every single opportunity available in your area. But yes, if FMovies is available in your country then we would like to recommend using this website. Because like them, no one won’t provide the exact service you need.

  1. Niter– If you need the best movies, then you should type their name and check out their website. Honestly speaking, they don’t have that amount of movies in their database. But they have all the best ones. You might not get every single movie on this website but for sure, you will get the best ones when you search.
  2. 123MoviesFree– We would like to say that, this specific website contains all the movies you might want to see. Not only movies actually, but you will also find a huge amount of TV series when you will search for them. Most importantly, have a free registration policy. So you won’t have to buy the movies or pay them any kind of money.
  3. Movie Zoot– You are going to check the website through your phone/PC/laptop? That’s not a big deal. They have all the versions of their website. Check from wherever you will find their website. Another thing is that their storage system is well maintained. Because of that, you will find a movie quite easily when you search for it.
  4. to– If you are in search of a website that is available in the whole world, then here is a gift for you. No matter in which part of the world you live in, you can easily access the website. Apart from that, we would like to ensure you that, you will get the movies in HD version. They actually don’t share any low print quality movies. That’s what makes them special.
  5. LoveFilm– This website is not like all other websites actually. It is owned and run by Amazon. So I hope, you already understood that you can’t use it without paying money. But the amount won’t be that much. But the interesting fact is that they include the highest number of movies in their database. You might not get their service for free, but for sure you will get the best service from them.
  6. MovieFlick– Its owned and run by Netflix. You will get every single content of Netflix on this website. But for that, you have to switch your account. As you can use both the account from that website, so when you need to watch movies from Netflix, you have to switch the account. But yes, you have to pay a specific amount.
  7. RunPee– It’s not just a website actually. It’s a community of all the movie lovers around the world. You might be getting confused. To remove your confusion, we are explaining it. The website has huge members all around the world. Once a movie gets released, the users upload the movie on the website. Sometimes the users share the links also. That’s why you will be able to see movies which got released very recently.
  8. iPhlix – iPhlix is made for iPhone users. But somehow, you won’t get the application on your app store. Because the iPhone still doesn’t allow them to share their app on the App store. If you really want to take their service then you have to go to an independent store. There you will be able to download. Another thing is that this app works with the support of Netflix. Hope you realized the level of iPhlix.
  9. Newest Movies HD- Welcome to the world of 3D movies. You will get the opportunity to see all the 3D movies currently available. Not only that, you will be able to see some reviews of recently released movies. That’s why before watching a movie, you will be able to know about the quality of this movie.
  10. HD Movie Centre– It’s just a complete package. You might want to know why we are saying this. Actually the fact is, this website contains everything you might want from a website. You will find movie reviews, trailers, photos and everything which you might expect from a classy online movie watching website. A most important fact about them is that they only offer HD quality movies. That’s why no matter which movie you watch, you will get it in HD.

Why FMovies Has Blocked In United States?

The answer to this question is very simple. But we won’t be so direct. Let’s share some true facts with our readers.

A lot of countries declared that using FMovies is totally illegal. Still, if you use it in those countries then you might be punished or you might pay a penalty. So what do you think, why those countries made this website illegal?

Just like those countries the United States also blocked FMovies in their country.

In a word, they blocked it because FMovies don’t follow the copyright rules and most often they show ads that might harm an individual’s pc.

You might be confused after reading this. Let’s explain the fact.

They blocked it just to show respect to the movie makers, to the actor/actors and everyone related to making a movie.

You might be thinking, what kind of benefit movie makers are going to get by blocking FMovies. We would like to go a bit deep.

Making a movie or a TV drama is not so easy. A lot of people have to work really hard for completing a movie. It’s not only about the hard work of them. Producers have to invest a huge amount of money just to make a movie. That’s why they expect a huge amount of return once their movie goes to the theatre.

But what happens if we watch movies on FMovies? We will get the movie for free. We will not be paying a single amount of money to the producer. Because of FMovies, we get the opportunity to watch a movie for free!

If this process continues, then producers will turn into beggars. Because they will not get the money which they invested. To ensure their return, you must block the opportunity to watch a movie for free.

Coming back to the point. As FMovies allow its users to watch a movie for free and FMovies also don’t pay any money to the moviemakers, that’s why the United States blocked this website. For sure, using anyone’s assets without their permission is totally illegal.

Another thing is FMovies show ads that create a huge chance to harm your pc. They actually show different kinds of ads. Some those ads are shown so that, you click on the link and you get harmed by virus.

So the final answer is, through this website you can use others asset (movies) without their permission and this website show several harmful ads, that’s why the United States blocked FMovies in their country.

We hope you got the answer which you wanted.

Is It Safe to Use FMovies

We understand that you are really concerned about your security. That’s quite obvious also. No matter what, security should remain in the very first consideration.

Yes, it’s true that we really want to enjoy movies for free. But security is obviously an issue. So without wasting your time, let’s go for an answer.

The very first thing which we would like to say is that there is a slight chance of getting attacked by the virus by using this website. To be very honest, if you become slightly unconscious then you might get harmed.

Now you might be thinking, how the virus will attack you. A few ways are available. Let’s talk about ways.

While you remain on their home page you will find a lot of popups on the screen. They will show several pictures of the popups. They actually show it, so that you click on the picture. But please don’t click on those. If you click on those pop-ups, then your pc might get attacked by the virus within a moment. You might even notice, but the virus will attack your pc and your pc will be blocked for sure. That’s why it’s a humble request to you that please don’t click on those popups. Hope you will follow our suggestion.

Next, we would like to talk about a different way. It’s obvious that you will search for a movie and when you will find it, you will click on the poster of the movie. That’s completely okay.

But the issue is, when you will click on the poster, you will be redirected to a new tab. It’s something like, a new tab will be opened along with the movies link tab. Please don’t continue with the redirected tab. Just move your cursor and cancel that tab. That tab might carry a virus. If you continue with that tab, then hackers might do actual harm on your pc. In a word, just avoid those tabs.

Most often you will see a lot of ads. To be very honest, those ads might look very creative. Never ever click on those ads. If you do so, you might get attacked by the virus.

That’s all about the virus related issues.  Obviously no one wants to get attacked by the virus. That’s why it’s humble to all the users, please install a strong antivirus on your pc. If it is possible to install the paid version of antivirus software. Antivirus will not just save you from a virus but also it will make you know which site is good and which site is bad. We really hope, you will understand the value of remaining secured and follow our descriptions.

FMovies Online Movies Streaming Facility

Time to talk about FMovies‘ online streaming facilities.

Undoubtedly, this site will ensure too much facility. It’s really tough for us to describe all the facilities in a few words. But we will try our best to uphold all the facilities.

You will be able to watch HD quality movies through these websites. Honestly speaking, it is really rare to find out a website that shares HD quality movies. Most of them provide quality which is not that good. But this website is something different. Watch them without any hesitation.

Another thing is that you will get a lot of movie suggestions here. Obviously it’s a great opportunity for you to find out the best one.

The finest facility is that you can watch movies without paying a single penny. You won’t find a website which will give you the opportunity to watch movies for free. But this website will ensure this facility.

Not only watching movies without paying money, but you can also download movies by following a very simple process. Just like the free watching system, you can download movies for free. Most importantly, the process is pretty simple. You don’t have to take a third party website, all you need to do is just click on the download option.

Most importantly,

Why FMovies is so popular?

People just love this site!

Yes, we could be a bit of diplomatic but that’s the very honest answer. It’s true that there are a lot of online movie streaming websites available in the market. But you won’t get a website like FMovies. As people love this website, obviously there are reasons behind that. Let’s find out those reasons.

  1. Watch movies for free– If you are getting a costly thing for free, then obviously you will like it. Just open an account and watch as many movies as you can, but you don’t have to pay a single amount of money! It’s not only about Hollywood movies. A user will get the opportunity to watch movies from several countries. That’s obviously a huge opportunity. Just think how much money you had to pay for watching those movies. But just because of watching through this website, you don’t have to pay anything! That’s the main reason for the popularity of this website.
  1. Getting newly released movies-Yes, there are a lot of websites available where you will get the opportunity to watch movies. But the fact is, you won’t get the movies which got released a few days ago. This facility is only available on FMovies. Just go to their main website you will find a lot of movies which got released a few days ago.
  1. HD movies– Nowadays watching a movie is not enough. You have to watch in a form that creates a great enjoyment for your eyes. In that case, you have to watch movies in the HD version. FMovies provides all the movies in the HD version. As people get the opportunity to watch movies in HD, that’s why people just love it.
  2. Downloading process– Undoubtedly, you will find a lot of websites offering movies and download links. But the fact is, their downloading process is really lengthy. You have to go to a torrent site and follow a lot of steps. Luckily you don’t have to do these things on this website. All you need to do is just open an account, play a movie and click on the download icon. That’s it! You will be able to download a movie and watch a movie whenever you want and wherever you want!
  3. Movie suggestions– That’s the very last thing of achieving popularity. Few amounts of people actually go to the website by selecting a movie name previously. But most of the people just go to the website and try to find out a good movie. In that process, the movie suggestion list helps a viewer to find out a good movie. Once you go to their page, you will get a lot of movie names. If you check all the movies then for sure you will be able to find a movie which you really want to watch.

That’s all about the reasons for which this site is really popular. In a word, this site ensures a lot of facilities that the popularity of this website is increasing day by day.

How to use FMovies without ads?

Ads are being a serious disturbance for users nowadays. Almost all the people who watch movies on websites want to get rid of it. If you want to use FMovies without ads, then you can do you a simple trick.

Just download and ad blocker on your PC. You find a lot of ad blockers on the internet when you will search for them. Install one of them. Once you will download an adblocker you will get rid of all those disturbing ads.

Another way is, going to your browser settings option and blocks the notification option Thus you can block the unwanted notifications which might come on your screen. The process might vary according to browser type, but once you will block the system, you won’t see any unwanted notification.


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