Beeper Mini Users Face Messaging Issues Shortly After Debut

Beeper Mini, an app designed to bring secure iMessage functionality to Android devices, launched on Tuesday and initially worked well.

However, within less than a week, users started experiencing issues with the app. Reports from various platforms, including Reddit, indicate that Beeper Mini is currently unable to send or receive messages for many users.

Additionally, some users have reported problems with Apple ID sign-in, especially when reinstalling the app or activating it on a new device.

The exact cause of these issues is unclear, but error messages such as “failed to lookup on server; lookup request timed out” have been reported. Beeper’s CEO, Eric Migicovsky, confirmed that the company is investigating the issue.

There is speculation that the problem might be related to Apple, but this has not been directly confirmed. Migicovsky hinted that if Apple is indeed behind this, it raises questions about why they would disrupt a service that allows encrypted chats between iPhone and Android users.

Currently, the de-register option within Beeper Mini is also not functioning properly. The situation is still developing, and updates are expected as more information becomes available.

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