Best Browser For Windows 11

Are you looking for the best browser for Windows 11? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top browsers that are compatible with Windows 11 and discuss their key features.

Whether you prioritize speed, security, customization, or privacy, there’s a browser on our list that will meet your needs.

Best Browser For Windows 11 Comparison Table

Before we dive into the details of each browser, let’s take a look at a comparison table that highlights their key specifications. This will help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

Browser RAM Usage (MB) CPU Usage (%) Speedometer Benchmark Browser Audit Benchmark
Opera 546 6.3 206 401
Brave 670 1.4 201 401
Microsoft Edge 831 4.3 191 400
Vivaldi 836 1.2 172 399
UR Browser 973 3.6 193 399
Mozilla Firefox 980 1.1 147 401
Opera GX 1100 1.4 174 399
Tor Browser 1200 18 76.1 393
Google Chrome 1840 2.8 155 399
Avast Secure Browser 2000 22 177 403

1. Opera


Opera is a powerful browser that offers users an effective, speedy, and safe browsing experience. It comes with a range of features, including a built-in VPN service and ad-blocker.

One standout feature of Opera is Opera Flow, which allows seamless syncing of browsing data across devices. In our benchmark tests, Opera performed well but ranked fifth due to the superior performance of other browsers.

It required 973MB of RAM to operate 10 tabs and utilized 3.6% of the CPU’s power. In terms of speed, Opera scored 193 in our benchmark, and it passed 399 out of 431 tests in our browser security audit.


  • Fast webpage loading times
  • Wide range of customization features
  • Built-in VPN and ad-blocker
  • Integrated messenger apps
  • Battery-saver mode


  • Limitations to the free VPN service
  • Limited extension capability
  • Overwhelming interface for new users

2. Brave – Best-Performing Browser for Windows 11

Brave Browser
Brave Browser

Brave is a lightweight and fast browser that offers a balance between utility, efficiency, speed, and security. It comes with a built-in ad blocker and tracker blocker, which enhances browsing speed and privacy.

Brave also has a unique feature called Brave Rewards, allowing users to earn tokens by accepting privacy-respecting ads.

In our benchmark tests, Brave outperformed other browsers, using only 546MB of RAM with 10 tabs open and a maximum CPU usage of 6.3%. It scored 206 in the speedometer benchmark and passed 401 out of 431 security tests in our audit.


  • Excellent security and privacy features
  • Web tracker and native ad blocker
  • Fast browsing speeds
  • Light impact on system resources


  • Runs its own ads through a user-focused rewards system.

3. Microsoft Edge – The Least Resource-Intensive Option

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, the default browser in Windows 11, offers a user-friendly interface with improved speeds and performance. It has been completely revamped from the previous Internet Explorer and provides a seamless browsing experience.

In our tests, Edge used 670MB of RAM with 10 active tabs and only 1.4% of the CPU’s power. It scored 201 in the speed benchmark and passed 401 out of 431 security tests. Edge is fully integrated with Microsoft services and has features like Microsoft Defender SmartScreen for enhanced security.


  • Improved user interface
  • Fast browsing speeds
  • Great security features like Microsoft Defender SmartScreen
  • Built-in to the OS
  • Full integration with Microsoft services


  • Not as widely supported as other options
  • Limited extension options

4. Vivaldi – The Best Widely-Customizable Browser


Vivaldi is a highly customizable browser designed with power users in mind. It offers a unique tab-stacking feature for organizing your browsing experience and a built-in note-taking tool for research.

In our benchmark tests, Vivaldi ranked third in terms of RAM usage, requiring 831MB to run 10 tabs simultaneously.

It utilized 4.3% of the CPU’s power and scored 191 in the speed benchmark. Vivaldi also passed 400 out of 431 security tests, making it a secure browser option for Windows 11.


  • Great customization options
  • Excellent tab management features
  • Built-in tools for productivity and security
  • Compatible with various devices on multiple platforms


  • The steep learning curve for casual users
  • CPU usage increases with more open tabs
  • A limited number of extensions

5. UR Browser – Secure Browsing Experience with Customizable Privacy

UR Browser
UR Browser

UR Browser is a privacy-focused browser that offers a secure browsing experience. It features an ad-blocker, anti-tracking capabilities, and HTTPS encryption.

One notable aspect of UR Browser is its automatic redirection to an encrypted version of suspicious sites to protect users from malware. It also scans every downloaded file for potential threats and automatically stops the download if anything suspicious is detected.

In our tests, UR Browser used 836MB of RAM to run 10 tabs and had a CPU usage of 1.2%. It scored 172 in the speed benchmark and passed 399 out of 431 security tests.


  • Strong privacy features
  • Customizable privacy settings
  • Chromium-based, ensuring compatibility with Google services


  • Installs some bloatware
  • Limited extension support
  • Smaller user base, designed for power users

6. Mozilla Firefox – Lowest CPU Requirements

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a popular alternative to Google Chrome, offering privacy, security, customization, and a user-friendly interface. It features enhanced tracking protection and cookie control settings.

Firefox has its own extension store, comparable to Chrome’s, allowing users to customize and extend the browser’s capabilities.

In our tests, Firefox used 980MB of RAM with 10 tabs and only 1.1% of the CPU’s power. It scored 147 in the speed benchmark and passed 401 out of 431 security tests.


  • Good privacy and security features
  • Enhanced tracking protection
  • High-grade customization options with various extensions
  • Open-source and compatible with multiple platforms


  • Lower browsing speeds compared to other options
  • Limited video codec support
  • Occasional compatibility issues with add-ons

7. Opera GX – Great Browser for Gamers with Privacy

Opera GX
Opera GX

Opera GX is a browser specifically designed for gamers, offering privacy and performance features. It includes a built-in ad-blocker, VPN, and CPU and RAM limiters.

Opera GX also integrates with Twitch and Discord for an enhanced gaming experience. In our tests, Opera GX used 1100MB of RAM with 10 tabs and had a CPU usage of 1.4%. It scored 174 in the speed benchmark and passed 399 out of 431 security tests.


  • Built-in ad-blocker, VPN, and CPU and RAM limiters
  • Integration with Twitch and Discord
  • Decent browsing speeds
  • Compatible across platforms


  • Gaming focus may limit general usage
  • Overwhelming interface
  • Limited extension selection

8. Tor Browser – Powerful Traffic Encryption

Tor Browser is designed for users who prioritize privacy and anonymity. It routes internet traffic through a network of volunteer-operated servers, encrypting it multiple times.

Tor provides support for Onion services and offers enhanced security features. In our tests, Tor used 1200MB of RAM with 10 tabs and had a high CPU usage of 18%. It scored 76.1 in the speed benchmark and passed 393 out of 431 security tests.


  • Great privacy and anonymity features
  • Traffic encryption through volunteer-operated servers
  • Support for Onion services
  • Enhanced security


  • High impact on system resources
  • Interface could be more engaging

9. Google Chrome – Versatile but Resource-Intensive

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, offering a user-friendly interface, fast browsing speeds, and a wide range of extensions.

Chrome consumes a significant amount of RAM and may not be suitable for low-end PCs. It features built-in security controls, autofill addresses, and the ability to sync across platforms.

In our tests, Chrome used 1840MB of RAM with 10 tabs and had a CPU usage of 2.8%. It scored 155 in the speed benchmark and passed 399 out of 431 security tests.


  • Wide range of extensions
  • Good privacy features
  • Password manager
  • Fast browsing speeds


  • Resource-intensive, especially with multiple tabs open

10. Avast Secure Browser – Safest Browser for Windows 11

Avast Secure Browser
Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser is created by the well-known antivirus company, Avast, and focuses on user online security. It includes features like an ad-blocker, anti-tracking, and HTTPS encryption.

Avast Secure Browser also offers Bank Mode for secure online transactions. In our tests, Avast Secure Browser used 2000MB of RAM with 10 tabs and had a high CPU usage of 22%. It scored 177 in the speed benchmark and passed 403 out of 431 security tests.


  • Amazing privacy and security features
  • Ad-blocker, anti-tracking, and HTTPS encryption
  • Bank Mode for secure online transactions
  • Integration with other Avast security software


  • Limited extension options
  • Slow browsing speeds
  • High impact on system resources

What is the Fastest Browser for Windows 11?

The fastest browser for Windows 11 is Brave. It scored exceptionally well on our speed benchmark test. Being based on the Chromium engine, Brave provides a solid foundation for speed and compatibility across devices, making it one of the best browsers for Windows 11.

Is Chrome or Edge Better for Windows 11?

Based on our benchmark tests, Microsoft Edge is better for Windows 11 than Chrome. Edge offers comparable speed and security with lower resource consumption.

It is also the default browser in Windows 11, making it a convenient choice for users. However, both Chrome and Edge are widely used by Windows 11 users.

Do You Have to Use Microsoft Edge with Windows 11?

No, you are not obligated to use Microsoft Edge as your browser in Windows 11. While it is the default browser, you have the freedom to choose a different browser that suits your needs.

Edge is highly recommended for its speed and security, but the choice ultimately depends on your preferences.


  1. Can I change the default browser in Windows 11?
    • Yes, you can easily change the default browser in Windows 11 through the device settings.
  2. Which browser is the lightest for Windows 11?
    • Opera is the lightest browser for Windows 11, consuming minimal system resources.
  3. What is the best browser for privacy and security on Windows 11?
    • Brave and UR Browser are excellent choices for privacy and security on Windows 11.
  4. Are these browsers compatible with other operating systems?
    • Yes, most of these browsers are compatible with other operating systems, providing a seamless browsing experience.
  5. Can I use Chrome extensions on other browsers?
    • Opera and Vivaldi both support Chrome extensions, allowing users to enjoy a wide range of customization options.
  6. Do these browsers support syncing across devices?
    • Yes, most of these browsers offer syncing capabilities, allowing users to access their bookmarks, history, and settings on multiple devices.
  7. Are these browsers free to use?
    • All the browsers listed in this article are free to download and use.
  8. Which browser is best for gaming on Windows 11?
    • Opera GX is specifically designed for gamers, offering features like RAM and CPU limiters, as well as integration with gaming platforms.
  9. Can I use multiple browsers on Windows 11?
    • Yes, you can use multiple browsers on Windows 11 and switch between them based on your preferences and needs.
  10. Are these browsers regularly updated?
    • Yes, all the browsers mentioned in this article receive regular updates to ensure performance, security, and feature enhancements.

We have explored the best browsers for Windows 11, considering factors such as speed, security, customization, and resource usage. Whether you prefer Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, UR Browser, Tor Browser, Avast Secure Browser, or any other browser,

Windows 11 offers a wide range of options to enhance your browsing experience. Choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy a seamless and secure online journey.

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