World Love Day – Happy Valentine’s Day February 14

World Love Day Happy Valentines Day February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day February 14: Globe love day is February 14th. It’s celebrated on 14th February as Valentine’s Day, globally. Before Valentine’s Day has been confined to the United States or Western society, it’s now celebrated with joyous frenzy around the world.

Now, this day has turned into a festival. From this day on the park you will find amusement centers from the sub-group. They all attempt to observe this day.

How did the world enjoy day come – Happy Valentine’s Day February 14….?

Lots of individuals think ancient vacations in Rome in honor of the Roman goddess-goddess Juno on February 14th. People believed in Juno as the goddess of love and women. The day is celebrated in different countries of the world, though most countries don’t have holiday holidays.

St. Valentine was a Christian priest and doctor in Rome in Italy in 2669. The Roman Crusader, the next Claudius, was imprisoned for the sake of preaching. Since the preaching of Christianity in the Roman Empire was illegal. In captivity, he treated a visually impaired woman by treatment.

In this, the envy of St. Veletein’s popularity gave the king the death penalty. Subsequently in 496 Pope St. Celsius declared the first Valentine’s Day party of Julius Valleine’s Day on February 14. There are lots of such days in the Christian world to the memorial and actions of the priests.

From the West, the event of celebration of birthdays, festival and festival is the major issue. So they don’t even eat alcohol at the church. Valentine’s Day parties were banned by the French government in 1776, due to the Christian soul of the Valentine’s Day was ruined. In England, the Puritan lawmakers once more banned the celebration of the day. The court of the nation banned Valentine’s festivals lately in Pakistan in the year 2017.
Presently, this festival is celebrated in the West from the West. Half of the whole population in the UK spends approximately 100 million pounds for buying flowers, cards, chocolates, other gifts and greetings cards, and approximately 2.5 million greeting cards are sent for this love afternoon.

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