The History Of Valentine’s Day PDF File 2019

History of Valentines Day PDF File 2019

Background of World Love Day “or” Valentine’s Day ”
On February 14th, the world is known by many names like “World Love Day” or “Valentine’s Day”. What is “Valentine’s Day” as a loving lover and conscious man? What is the hidden history behind it? I think a conscious person will try to know at least about the job before doing any work. The “Valentine’s Day” now seems to have been clearly understood as a clear idea.

How Valentine’s Day┬áCame True:

Firstly, Saint Valentine was the child priest, social and socialist and Christian missionary of Claudius II, Emperor of Rome. And the Roman emperor was believed to worship various gods and goddesses. The emperor asked him to worship gods and goddesses and he was imprisoned as Valentine refused to deny it. When the emperor repeatedly refused to give up his Christian faith, on February 14, 27, Christendom was sentenced to death for violating state order.

Second: Many people of love-loving youths used to come to prison every day and receive flowers after St. Valentine’s imprisonment. They encouraged St. Valentine with many provocative speeches. A blind girl from prison guards could also see Valentine. For a long time, they both spoke openly. At one time Valentine fell in love with her. The blind girl gets her eyesight in Saint Valentine’s spiritual treatment. When he heard the love of Valentine and the love of young people in his country, he became mad and sentenced him to death on 26 February 2669.

Third, according to Christian history, the words of 269 AD Imperialist, bloody Roman Emperor Claudius needs a huge army of soldiers. At one time his army was facing a military crisis. But no one is willing to join his army. The emperor noticed that unmarried youth were very patient in the tough times of war. As a result, he imposed restrictions on the marriage of young people. So that they did not express their reluctance to join the army. The young people of the country got angry with this announcement. The young man, Saint Valentine, could not accept the embarrassment of the emperor. At first, he rejected the king’s injunction through the marriage of St. Mary’s marriage and continued to work secretly in his church. In a room, bride and groom used to wear candles in a light candle to whistle the wedding mantras. But at one point in time, when Emperor Claudius was in the ears, Saint Valentine ordered him to be arrested. On February 14, 270, when the soldiers presented Valentin in front of the emperor and dragged him to death, he ordered him to be killed.

Fourth: According to another Christian history, when the Christianity of Christendom was celebrated throughout Europe, it would have been celebrated with a Roman tradition. In mid-February, all the youths of the village were writing the names of all girls in a notebook or box. Then every young man picked up a note from that box, the girl in whose hand the name was raised, was in love with that girl for a full year. And he wrote letters to him, saying, ‘I am sending this letter to you in the name of idol Mata.’ At the end of the year, the relationship was renewed or changed. It is impossible to eradicate this practice when some of the pidrine is inscrutable and it is impossible to replace it by simply renaming it to the Christian religion and declaring that these letters should be sent from now on in the name of ‘St. Valentine’. Because it is a Christian monument so that it becomes associated with Christian religion over time.

Fifth: According to another, Holidays were celebrated on February 14 in the honour of the queen of Juno in ancient Rome. The Romans believed that no marriage was successful without the signs of Juno. On the 15th of the week after the holiday, the process of selecting a partner through the Raffle draw is going on at the thousands of youth festivals at the Luparkalaya banquet festival. The young people present at the festival put their namesake paper in a large container held in public. From there, the young man summoned the girl from the village. Sometimes this pair lasted for the whole year and got married on the stairs of love. Today’s “Valentine’s Day” at today’s funeral.

History Of Valentine’s Day PDF File 2019

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