New Work Permit Rules for Foreigners in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has recently announced a notable policy change regarding the employment of foreign nationals within the country. The new policy mandates that all foreign nationals must have a valid work permit to work in Bangladesh.

This decision was made to address the issue of foreign nationals working on various types of visas, such as A-3, B-visa, or tourist visas, without paying the necessary income tax.

The government has observed that many foreign workers have been avoiding proper documentation and tax payments. To regulate this, they are introducing daily and progressive penalties for those who fail to comply with the new regulations.

Additionally, foreign nationals who wish to switch employers within Bangladesh can do so by paying a prescribed fee, eliminating the need to return to their home country for a new visa.

The process for obtaining a work permit is also being streamlined. The timeframe for processing work permit papers and obtaining the permit, which previously took up to six months, is now reduced to one month.

This policy change is a strategic move to ensure that all foreign workers in Bangladesh are legally documented and contributing to the economy through taxes. It reflects the government’s commitment to regulating foreign employment and maintaining a fair working environment in the country.

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