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Increasingly people are spending their time online watching videos since less effort is required compared to reading. There are many videos which become extremely popular and are watched by a large number of people worldwide. These videos are considered to have gone viral because those who have watched the video enjoy it so much, that they recommend it to their friends and associates. Watching these videos can take up a lot of bandwidth, and since Internet Service Providers charge for data transfer it is advisable to use a Viral Downloader, to download the video to the computer or smartphone so that it can be watched at any time later, even when there is no internet connection.


Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook is the most popular website in the world, with the largest number of members and visitors daily. Many people are uploading the videos of their friends and relatives on Facebook so that they can conveniently share these videos with a large number of people. Some of these videos become viral and are shared with a large number of people. Now, these videos can be stored conveniently offline using the, which helps the person make a Facebook video download quickly in the resolution they want.

Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter is another extremely popular social networking website, which is used extensively by celebrities and others to remain in touch with their fans, friends and business associates. Many celebrities and others are using Twitter to share photos and videos of their life and other incidents with their followers and others. After some time, these popular videos may be removed, due to a variety of reasons. Hence people should use the Twitter Video Downloader to download whichever twitter video they are interested in so that it can be conveniently watched at a later date.

Instagram Video Downloader

In the last few years, the selfie craze has made Instagram one of the most popular social networking website, since it allows members to upload their photos and videos. While some Instagram users have made their account public, others have restricted access to their account, the photos, and videos which are shared online. Many people may be interested in watching videos of their friends, relatives, and celebrities repeatedly. Instead of watching the video online multiple time, increasing data transfer, it is better to use the Instagram Video Downloader and store the video offline, so that it can be watched whenever the member wishes without paying for internet access.

The procedure for using the website is simple and quick since no registration of any kind is required. The person downloading only has to paste the URL of video which he wishes to download, in the form provided. The user has to then click on the download button. They will be given the option to choose between HD (High definition) quality and low-quality video download. The bandwidth required for the low-quality download will be far less, while the bandwidth for an HD download will be higher. So depending on the quality of the video desired, and bandwidth charges, the user can select the most suitable option, and download the video conveniently from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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