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When it comes to know about cars, not everyone is an expert at fixing them. However, there are a ton of things you can do with numerous lice hacks that can be replaced by you rather than taking your car to the shop every time something stops working correctly. If you do so, you may save yourself hundreds, even thousands of dollars on not only the parts themselves (most auto dealerships and body shops are going to find the cheapest solution for you, but you could actually save a lot more if you just did it yourself, and then they’re both going to charge an arm and a leg when it comes to the actual labor of fixing the part). In this guide, we’ll show you some of the easiest parts you can replace on your car yourself.

Vent Clips

Believe it or not, vent clips are one of the most prominent and most common things to get broken over time in your car. Taking these items to the shop can actually cost you upwards of around five hundred dollars. By buying Vent Tabs from their website, you can literally save a ton of money by getting one that you can snap on yourself for about thirteen bucks!

Replacing a Drive Belt

If your car is squealing, you may find out that it’s coming from the drive belt on your drive shaft or pulleys. This looks very hard, but you can use a wrench to loosen the belt even, which saves you from needing a belt tool, then put the new belt in yourself.

Replacing Brake Pads

If you’re hearing a loud squeal when you’re putting on your breaks, you’ll need to replace your brake pads. If you hear a grinding sound, you may need to replace the rotor (if the grinding just started, then you may be able to avoid this). You can actually fix both pretty easily by taking off the tire, using some ratchets, a tire iron. While it’s preferred that you have a C-clamp, it’s not absolutely necessary.

Other Things You Can Do Easily During the Day Yourself

When it comes to the other things you may be surprised that don’t take a lot to fix, the above list isn’t all. You can also do things like replacing a fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, do an oil change, replace spark plugs and wires, even change a coil pack pretty easily.


Doing all of these things may come as something that intimidates you, but you can actually perform a lot of these repairs with a set of screwdrivers, a basic ratchet set, torque wrench, a set of wrenches, and you may need to buy the replacement part. Even changing the alternator can be an easy task as many cars actually have the alternator on the front or the top of the motor itself. If you get comfortable doing basic repairs (even changing a tire is a basic repair, and it’s one that you should definitely know how to do), you can do even more repairs and more than anything, you can actually use your computer itself to find out just how to

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