When Your Home Is Flooded with Water Damage You Should Worry About Mold

Home Is Flooded with Water Damage

The year is 2019, and the Midwest (and some of the entire eastern half of the country as well) have been experiencing flooding that is almost as great as the big floods that nearly devoured the Midwest in 1993 known as “The Great Flood”. That being said, there have been numerous homes, yours possibly being one of them, that has been heavily impacted with water damage due to the flood waters.

No matter how small the damage is, water damage is one of the largest culprits of mold, which can cause numerous problems, from respiratory all the way to immune system issues. Mold also breaks down the integrity of your home’s construction and can even allow more bacteria to grow that can cause other serious issues. When your home is damaged by flood waters, you literally have less than a week to work with when cleaning up and this is why you should worry about mold.

Should You Call a Professional?

It greatly depends, but if you have a lot of water with electrical circuitry, wiring, and other things that can possibly be affected or touching the water damage, you need to hire professional emergency workers help get things secure so you don’t have to risk your life to clean it up. If your home has a high volume of water in it, you want to more than likely hire a professional service.

If you just had a little bit of seepage around the doors and floors, then that is something you can possibly clean up yourself, but you’ll also need to buy the equipment to do the DIY repairs and moisture removal. Also, beware sewage, because if your home was flooded with sewage, it’s going to make your home smell awful and it’s extremely hazardous to your health. Therefore, you must hire a professional to help you rid your home of the water, the damage, and the mold.

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If the Mold Has Already Started to Grow

You really only have a few days after the power has been off before mold can start growing. Even the EPA recommends having a professional mold removal contractor to clean up any mold that covers more than a 10 feet squared (or one hundred square feet, which isn’t very big). If it’s only in tiny areas, you’re one of the lucky few that can be lucky enough to wash the mold off yourself with soap and water.


When your home is water damaged, and you start the mold removal process, you want to be sure that you dehumidify your home as much as possible. If you’re not using a professional service which will use their industrial ones, you want to make sure you buy a few dehumidifiers yourself that have the strength to get rid of moisture twice the size of your room. This will ensure that you get everything as much as possible (and you’ll have to constantly check and clean them for mold as well).


House mold is not something that you want to play with. In children, black mold can cause all sorts of allergy symptoms and also skin rashes, inflammation, respiratory problems, and your child can have some serious side effects, and prolonged exposure to black mold spores can cause a lot of damage to their internal organs. When you have flood waters invade your home, you need to do everything you can to start the elimination of mold pronto, and don’t expect to prevent it, just be prepared to get rid of it when it happens, as its normally bound to happen.

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