PSC Ebtedayee Re Evaluating application is 96 thousand

95 thousand and 691 students of the primary education Re-Evaluating and Ebtedayee Exam resulted in objections. They objected to the results published last month and they have applied for the change. Some of them have been shown to increase the results, while someone has passed the order to pass.

Primary education (DPE) officials said that for the second time this year, applications for centralized results were taken for re-examination. Earlier, the petitioners and guardians filed the petition with the Thana Education Officer. This initiative has been initiated by the Central Government through Teletalk Mobile this year. However, the scrutiny of the records will be taken as soon as the district and Upazila education officers will take the help of the DPE.

PSC & Ebtedayee Re-Evaluating application is 96 thousand

Dipi Senior System Analyst Engineer Anju Kumar Roy said this review has been completed in the central government this year. After the publication of the results, this initiative has taken into account the irregularities. From the day after the results are announced from December 25 to January 30, 95 thousand 691 students applied through Teletalk mobile to change the result. The review results may be published in the first week of March. At the same time, the list of talented and quota based scholarship of 85 thousand 500 students will also be published, he said.

Engineer Anju Kumar Roy further said, more applications have been submitted for the change of Bengali, English, Mathematics and General Science subjects from seven departments. More than 17,211 applications in English, 15 thousand 781 in mathematics, 14 thousand 338 in Bangla and about 12 thousand applications in science have been submitted. About 5000 applications were submitted due to objection test. There were 95 thousand 691 applications across the country. Last year it was 79 thousand 709. 15 thousand 982 applications are more than last year.

He also said that the applicants should not count new exams, but the numbers given to the evaluation teachers will be counted as new. It will be examined whether there is a mistake in the number obtained in the book.

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