Nashville Law Firm Helps Family in Child Custody Case

When you file for divorce Nashville it can be pretty difficult to solve matters with an uncontested divorce. Therefore, sometimes when you have children, a custody battle often jumps into the play. When this happens, you’ll see how a Nashville law firm helps a family in child custody case pursuits. It’s unfair sometimes that the child doesn’t necessarily have a say, but when a custody decision is made, the courts usually base their decision on what they think is the best interest of the child.

What is the Parenting Plan?

In Tennessee, Tara Carter – Nashville Child Custody Attorney has numerous listed forms of custody agreements. They are:

Physical Custody: When and where the child will live. Usually, only one parent is offered the physical custody of a child, and it’s usually where the child or children stay and sleep at the most. Many times, while courts used to have a higher chance of favoring the mother, things aren’t always like they were, and if the children live with the father (or he stays in the home and has no record of foul play) they may end up staying there.

Legal Custody: When it comes to important decisions that need to be made like schools, medical issues, religion, and more, this is often shared by both parents, but in some special cases may be granted to the parent in which physical custody takes place.

Extra Problems: You have to lay out visitations and holidays, daily events, sports events, and more in your parenting plans.

How Custody is Decided in Nashville

Usually, the judge will determine what the best interest of the child is. This is often based on which parent can provide a safer and better home for the child, their environmental issues (schools, etc.), the mental and emotional stability of the parent on both sides of the fence, whether there was any abuse that took place, and whether the child is 12 years old or not. If the child is over the age of twelve, they can plead their case and choose which parent they want to live with.

What If the Parent Needs to Move?

This happens from time to time, and a custody move hearing can be made if the child is deemed in an unsafe environment (or if the move will affect that), as well as decisions that will be based on how they affect proper visitations. When a move like this – whether in state or out of state – happens, the general rule is to provide a completely new parenting plan and ensure that both parents can follow it.

Conclusion: The Call

If you yourself have a child custody issue to handle, or have a divorce case, even if it’s uncontested, you need to make sure that when you have children you think of the children first. Call a Nashville law firm like Tara Carter Law Office in order to find out how you can protect your children in a child custody case.

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