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Biman Hijack – Tried to hijack a plane, An emergency landing [Video]

Tried to hijack the Bangladesh Plane!! A plane of Bangladesh Airlines flight has landed immediately at Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong. The pilot was landed an emergency landing to try to snatch the plane.

This incident happened on Sunday (February 24) at 6 pm in the evening. Multiple source has said that the Biman- 147 flight was going from Chittagong to Dubai. But the incident happened immediately. After landing all the passengers of the flight were dropped.

According to the airport source, many media reports that all passengers are dropped but two aircrews were inside the plane. The sound of bullets was heard and it is thought that someone could be injured in it.

Chittagong MP Moinuddin Badal has also been the passengers of the plane. He left the plane and told the reporters that the suspect has a pistol but pilot and passengers are safe.

Banglanews TV Reports that the gunman wanted to talk to Sheikh Hasina then he will surrender.

Fire service and polices immediately reached on the incident spot. RAB and Army commanders surrounded the plane. Fire Service and Deputy Assistant Director of Civil Defense Jasim Uddin told that 10 vehicles of four stations have reached the airport.

All flight of Shah Amanat International Airport was closed after the incident.

A witness said in an interview of TV, they have come out the exit of the emergency door. Fir Service also reached the spot. The Two aircrew was inside and the gunman has shot two or three bullets.


 Biman Hijack Bangladesh Video

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