Microsoft Recent Changes to Rewards Program (Reduced The Points)

Microsoft has recently made changes to its Microsoft Rewards program, causing quite a stir among its users.

The program, which debuted in 2016, was like a frequent-flyer system, rewarding users for using Microsoft services like Bing, Edge, and Xbox. Users could earn points for these activities, which could then be exchanged for real money in the form of gift cards or Microsoft Game Pass subscriptions.

Microsoft has now reduced the amount of points users can earn. For example, the daily 15-point bonus for using Microsoft Edge has been removed, and the rewards for daily activities have been cut down to just one or two points, a significant drop from the previous five to ten points.

On the Xbox, there are reports of further reductions in point opportunities, and there’s speculation that the Rewards app might be discontinued.

This change has upset many users who have relied on these points to offset the cost of Microsoft’s services. The Microsoft Rewards subreddit is filled with users expressing their disappointment.

Some are even switching to other search engines and browsers, feeling that the effort to earn points is no longer worth it.

Microsoft representatives have referred to these changes as a “tuning” of the program, stating that the Microsoft Rewards program has evolved over the years.

They claim to evaluate every change for consistency and fairness. However, many users feel that Microsoft is reducing the rewards too much, making the program less appealing.

The future of Microsoft Rewards seems uncertain, with these changes potentially indicating a shift in Microsoft’s approach to rewarding its users.

This has left many wondering whether the program will continue to be a beneficial part of using Microsoft’s services.

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