Dhaka-7 Election Race (Five Candidacies Disqualified by Officials)

In Bangladesh’s political landscape, election officials have disqualified five candidates from the race for the Dhaka-7 parliamentary seat. This decision has led to a notable change in the lineup of candidates for this important electoral contest.

Among those whose candidacies were scrapped include independent candidate Md Aslam, Hajji Md Idris Bepari of the Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JaSaD), and Nurjahan Begum of the Bangladesh Sankstritik Mohajote. The reasons for their disqualification have not been detailed in the report.

The candidacy of the Awami League candidate, Mohammad Solaiman Selim, was declared valid, allowing him to continue his campaign for the Dhaka-7 seat. This decision by the election officials ensures that the ruling party’s candidate remains in the race, potentially impacting the dynamics of the election.

In addition to the Dhaka-7 seat, Deputy Commissioner Sabirul also announced the approved candidates for the Dhaka-4, Dhaka-5, and Dhaka-6 races. For the Dhaka-4 election, eleven candidates were deemed valid, while three others were rejected. In the Dhaka-5 poll, nine of the ten candidates were approved.

These decisions by the election officials are crucial in shaping the electoral battles in these constituencies.

The approval and disqualification of candidates play a notable role in determining the choices available to voters and the overall competitiveness of the elections.

As the political atmosphere heats up in Bangladesh, these developments are closely watched by political parties, candidates, and voters alike.

The outcomes of these electoral contests are expected to have a significant impact on the political landscape of the country.

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