Jawan box office collection Day 1

The cinematic landscape was set ablaze with the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s latest blockbuster, “Jawan”. Directed by Atlee, this film has not only captured the hearts of audiences but has also shattered box office records, making a grand statement on its opening day.

Jawan” has amassed a staggering ₹129.6 crore worldwide, marking it as the biggest opening day in the history of Hindi cinema.

This monumental achievement was echoed by Red Chillies Entertainment, which took to social media platforms to express their gratitude for the overwhelming love and support from fans.

They proudly announced that the film’s Day 1 collection stood at ₹129.6 crore, emphasizing that it was “The biggest opening day in the history of Indian cinema.”

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Times of India further highlighted the film’s success, noting that initial estimates had predicted a box office collection of around ₹60 crore. However, “Jawan” surpassed expectations, clocking an all-India total of ₹73 crore nett and an estimated gross of ₹84.50 crore.

These figures have positioned “Jawan” to potentially achieve the biggest opening for a Hindi film, especially considering its remarkable performance in South states for a Bollywood film starring a Hindi actor.

Diving deeper into the numbers, the film’s Hindi release alone is estimated to have garnered around ₹65 crore nett and an approximate ₹77 crore gross.

The Tamil dubbed version is projected to bring in around ₹4 crore nett, with a gross estimate of ₹4.75 crore. The Telugu version’s numbers are anticipated to mirror those of the Tamil collections.

State-wise earnings further underscore the film’s widespread appeal. It’s estimated to have raked in ₹30 crore from the southern states and over ₹56 crore from the central and northern regions.

On the international front, “Jawan” is expected to earn over ₹50 crore on its opening day, pushing its worldwide collection to an estimated ₹140 crore. This places “Jawan” in the illustrious company of films like RRR, Baahubali 2, and KGF 2.

Social media platforms are abuzz with videos showcasing the euphoria surrounding the film’s release. Fans were seen thronging theatres as early as 6 a.m., with some videos capturing entire theatres dancing to tracks from the film. The palpable excitement and jubilation among fans indicate that “Jawan” is more than just a movie; it’s an experience.

The film’s ensemble cast, featuring Shah Rukh Khan in a dual role alongside Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Deepika Padukone, Priyamani, and Sanya Malhotra, has been a significant draw for audiences.

Released theatrically on 7 September, “Jawan” is poised to continue its box office dominance, potentially even surpassing the records set by this year’s other big hit, “Pathaan”.

“Jawan” has set a new benchmark for Hindi cinema, proving once again the star power of Shah Rukh Khan and the timeless appeal of a well-crafted cinematic experience.

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