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Hi Nanna Teaser – In a riveting unveil, the teaser of Natural Star Nani’s upcoming flick, ‘Hi Nanna’, has left audiences spellbound. This much-anticipated film, under the adept direction of debutant Shouryuv, showcases an intricate blend of emotions intertwined with a compelling narrative. The teaser was released online, amplifying the buzz around the film which is already celebrated for its distinctive poster designs.

The brief yet captivating teaser introduces us to Nani, portraying a doting father to his daughter Mahi, enacted by Baby Kiara Khanna. The plot thickens as Mrunal Thakur’s character, Yashna, enters the narrative, forming a love interest for Nani. However, the entanglement of emotions intensifies as it’s revealed that Yashna is already committed elsewhere, which in turn, ignites a spark of anger in Nani. The unveiling of these complex relationships sets the stage for a captivating drama waiting to be unfolded on the big screen.

Director Shouryuv, despite being a newcomer, has evidently handled this complex script with remarkable finesse, balancing the tender father-daughter bond with the blossoming yet tumultuous love story between Nani and Mrunal. The teaser has indeed highlighted the palpable chemistry among the lead characters, promising a heartfelt drama that resonates with viewers.

The film, set to grace cinemas on December 7, 2023, across major Indian languages, also boasts a stellar supporting cast including Jayaram, Priyadarshi, and Angad Bedi, among others. Produced by Vyra Entertainments, with Hesham Abdul Wahab orchestrating the musical score, ‘Hi Nanna’ is definitely a cinematic venture to watch out for. As the release date approaches, the anticipation among the cinephiles continues to soar.

Stay tuned for more updates on this engaging cinematic journey that explores the realms of love, commitment, and familial bonds in a tale that’s as heartwarming as it is heart-wrenching.


Position Name
Editor Praveen Antony
Production Designer Avinash Kolla
Director of Photography (DOP) Sanu John Varghese Isc
Music Composer Hesham Abdul Wahab
Producers Mohan Cherukuri (cvm), Dr. Vijender Reddy Teegala
Sound Mixing Suren. G
VFX Supervisor Arun Pawar
Colorist S.Raghunath Varma
Chief Operating Officer (COO) Paruchuri Koti
Costume Designers Sheetal Sharma, Lakshmi Kilari
Executive Producer Evv Satish
Choreographers Bosco Martis, Viswa Raghu
Director Shouryuv
Line Producers Prashant Mandava, Abhilash Mandhadhpu
Digital Intermediate (DI) Annapurna
Stunt Coordinators Vijay, Pruthvi
Public Relations (Pro) Vamsi-Shekar
Poster Design Bharanidharan
Lyricists Anantha Sriram, Krishna Kanth

HI NANNA Official Teaser:

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