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Islamic Foundation Bangladesh Ramadan Calendar 2019


Ramadan Calendar 2019 Bangladesh by Islamic Foundation is available here. The Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh has published Ramadan Sehri and Iftar time all districts. The people of Bangladesh can follow this Schedule if they want to follow. We don’t recommend any schedule because the Iftar time depends on the Sunset (Hazrat Mohammad SM). So, the better is finding out the sunset time for your Location.

You can get help from Weather website which provides Sunrise and Sunset timings. You can also get the Sunset information from Google Search. Search “Sunset in my location” or mention your City/Thana/area name with the search terms.


Islamic Foundation Bangladesh Ramadan Calendar 2019 Download Link

All the people from Bangladesh can download the Ramadan Calendar 2019 from online. We have added the official Calendar of Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh in this content. Let’s download this from the below. We have added the location of Dhaka, Bangladesh and also the all other districts.

If you want to know more want to ask any question, you can contact the authority. Most probably, there is no contact process available to contact the Authority of Bangladesh Islamic Foundation.


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