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In the championship of England, the current season is the time when we see a lot of surprises. All football matches are available to fans on the reliable platform where all data is updated in real-time.

If we talk about the pleasant surprises of the current season, then, of course, Chelsea should be mentioned here. Despite the fact that Lampard’s team started with a devastating defeat and then for several more games in a row it could not get a suitable form, its results began to improve gradually.


As a result, by mid-November, the Blues managed to confidently gain a foothold in the Champions League zone, namely, getting into the top 4 can be safely called their main task for the current season. Now all football results of Lampard’s team is built around young performers:

  • Tomori;
  • Mount;
  • Abraham;
  • Pulisic.

They literally broke into the base of the team at the beginning of the season and immediately made all neutral fans fell in love with them. This is not surprising, because Chelsea plays attacking and combinational football, which many fans like so much. The team managed to establish a good realization of the moments, which distinguishes just good performers from really cool ones.

EPL table after one-third of the tournament

Of course, the Blues are not yet ready to compete with Liverpool or Manchester City over a long tournament distance, but most importantly, this team has good potential for further growth. When the transfer ban stops and the club can make transfers again, it will be enough to strengthen just a couple of positions to become even stronger.

In the meantime, the situation in the EPL table is developing quite well for the Aristocrats. They not only managed to find their game, but also took advantage of the misfires of direct competitors – Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, and Manchester United. As a result, the young team, from which virtually no one expected anything, managed to enter the Champions League zone and if it does not slow down, then it will definitely stay there.

It was the lack of psychological pressure that in many ways allowed young football players to feel free and begin to demonstrate all their skills. Despite the existing achievements, it is certainly too early to relax, because there is still a large part of the tournament distance ahead. The level of competition in the championship is very high, so any loss of points can lead to the Blues risking to lose their position.

You can always follow the changes in the EPL table on the website of sports statistics. Here, information is updated in real-time, which allows you to quickly find out all the necessary news.


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