World Suicide Prevention Day 2019 – WSPD

World suicide prevention day was introduced by the Internation Association of suicide prevention and is celebrated every year on 10 September. This is a way to spread awareness among people in order to prevent suicide. It is believed by the experts that suicide can be prevented by only when people have proper awareness regarding this subject.

As we know, suicide is something which not only harms the person who is involved in this activity but also harms his or her family and society. These days not even adults and youngsters are doing this activity, but kids also feel like suicide is the only way to end all their problems. As per the stats and data men under age of 45 commit suicide more than other age groups in men and women.

Why is Suicide Prevention important?

When it comes to the majority, people believe that suicide prevention is important. If we check the data, then 80% of people believe the fact that suicide can be prevented, but 20 of the majority believes that prevention is baseless. However, at some extent, we are also convinced that it is hard to play with someone’s mind especially when they are suffering from some serious issues but on the other hand, if that person has good family members or friends, then there is a possibility to prevent suicide.

Why people commit suicide? – Observations

In this modern world, most parents keep their kids under restrictions which is necessary as well. But when these parents put pressure on their kids in terms of study, marks, and other things, then the thought process of kids reach a different level. He or she tried to meet the expectations their parents have from them, and when anyhow, they fail this pressure force them to move a step towards suicide. And the same thing happens with youngsters and adults.

The other reason for this act is an emotional weakness. Now here we want to justify the word “emotional weakness,” this is basically a state which we call heat breaks. In teenagers and youngsters, heat breaks are frequent, but most people don’t know how to deal with these heartbreaks and in frustration as well annoying feeling they took this step.

How to prevent suicide?

There are many ways to work on the way of suicide prevention, but the most effective and popular method is Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is effective because a doctor or a therapist is someone who will listen to the whole situations of the patient carefully and understand them. From the point of view of the patient, they believe that the therapist will not judge them for the thing they did and for the things they didn’t do. Psychotherapy is also known as talk therapy, Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behaviour therapy, where the main motive of the therapist is to understand the situation as well as the behavior of the patient and motivate him or her to see life from the different point of view.


So, on this World suicide prevention day spread the knowledge to make the world happier and better place to live. By this act, you can contribute to saving millions of lives