SEO Best Practices

While SEO has its ups and downs for many companies, as well as even for many SEO experts out there, there are a lot of ideal principals that make a company stand out more than others. Along with a solid reputation (for both the SEO expert and the client), there are more important things that make up SEO best practices for 2019 that need to be used.

While some people prefer white hat standard SEO practices from Golden Gate SEO Agency, there are others who are okay and benefit more from using the new method of “gray hat” practices which are becoming more popular as the algorithms on search engines like Google have had a lot more research and understanding done. There are some old “black hat” methods which have a gray area and will actually not hurt your company, but actually help them, but there’s a fine line between what makes white hat, and gray hat.

Get Your Own Market

Aside from this though, there are newer marketing strategies that are getting in place now, since common things like certain phrases are becoming hard to compete against (try seeing how many results you get from “web design” for example. Good luck becoming the number one result with that key phrase if you choose it alone). Other companies call this typical theory a Blue Ocean marketing strategy. This is because more companies are becoming successful by having little to no competition with search keywords, etc. than they would with the alternative mentioned above. Use tools like Google Ads (only for their keyword research tool, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket) and see what market best defines your business, while being something unique.

Don’t Just Go for the Number One Result

You can actually get more users and traffic to your site if you aim to be one of the “featured” results on Google. Of course, this can be enhanced ten-fold if you go with Google ads and use ads to help get this accomplished, but it isn’t necessary.

Remove Dead Content

Many times, we don’t realize that don’t benefit and can actually compromise your rankings on Google because they aren’t relevant to your content, or they are duplicated, outdated, based on old resources, and more. By getting rid of these items, you will be able to increase your ranking because Google won’t see a bunch of irrelevant content on your website.

Make Your Page Mobile

When you’re designing your page, it is almost nothing to have your page centered into a web browser, as this is what it would display like on a regular PC. But your website should be optimized for mobile devices, and even have some features that are preparing it for voice search as more and more people are starting to use it on their mobile devices.


This handful of tricks can help increase so much of your website’s SEO, as well as your content. Remember that content is the king, queen, and every other small aspect that makes the kingdom, which is your company and your goals. In order to achieve those goals, you want to make sure that your quality, and even someone who you may hire has all of this in mind and adapt to share your vision and make it their own.

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