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Women stuck in elephant feet (Video)

The elephant was stuck between the four legs of a woman! And to bring him out to pull him out, In such a situation, the question is how can it be possible – in the first place, the elephant was the material created from the soil. This incident happened recently in the temple of Gujarat in India. The woman who suffered a similarity in religious rituals fell ill.

The video of the woman stuck under the four feet of elephants is viral.

According to the video, a woman has entered into the feet of an elephant statue to observe religious rituals. According to the tradition, he has to go from one end of the statue to the other end.

The body of the woman who was stuck there to celebrate this custom. The peers try to get him out. Many people advise trying again in various stages. But all efforts failed. Then the situation of the woman is a pity. Many people have gathered to see the incident.

Finally, many efforts succeeded in bringing him out of the crowd.

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