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What Type of Sanitary Valves Are You Looking For? Here’s an Accurate Guide

Introduction: There’s no arguing the fact that sanitary valves have become quite important in the processing industries of today. One particular device which continues to be a huge company favorite is the sanitary ball valve. Also known as a hygienic valve, they’re made from stellar stainless-steel materials which don’t corrode.

They open with the turning of their ball handles and normally have a port or hole in the middle. Flow only occurs once the port is in line with each end of the valve. These types of valves are highly durable and normally work to achieve complete functionality even after several years of use. Below, we’ll continue to look at some of the best ball sanitary valves, and their impressive characteristics.

Types of Sanitary Ball Valves
The devices that we’re about to mention here are made from a 100% stainless steel material. They are used in different processing companies including food, beer, beverage, and cosmetics. These stellar gadgets will not let you down!

1. The AV-2 series Sanitary Ball Valves
Now, to ensure that they are as sanitary as possible, these devices are made from a high-quality stainless steel material. They, therefore, meet all the required components needed by biopharmaceutical as well as food processing industries. They are seamless, automatic, and smooth plus they’re the best gadgets for procedures such as steam cleaning.

• Removable connection
• Simple structure
• Easy to maintain
• Valve plates and rubber seals are made from top-quality material
• They are highly durable

2. The Simple SV-2 Series Sanitary Ball Valves
These types of sanitary valves have a rather unique, full-bore design. This creates a proper flow of fluids with a short drop in pressure. Therefore, they are ideal for transporting viscous or dense or fluids especially those containing chemicals, food particles, and beverages.

• You’ll find them in a variety of sizes
• They have two-way and three-way ball valves giving you a variety of flow plan options
• Their pneumatic and electric actuators are all interchangeable
• Depending on the type of application, you can choose from the cavity filled, butterfly full port and encapsulated ball type models.

7 Fun Characteristics of The Ball Type Sanitary Valves
These sanitary valves have a rich history of 30 years, providing adequate services to various industries. In fact, as compared to other valves, they have a lot of interesting advantages. Here are just some of the interesting features you’re sure to enjoy if you decide to use them.


1. They Have A Small Resistance To Fluids
They are normally divided into two structures: the non-reduced and reduced diameter. However, despite their varying diameters, both have low flow resistance. A good example is a full-flow model. Even so, if you notice that the resistance in your pipeline system is still high, you can prevent this by decreasing the velocity of the fluid.

3. It Switches on and off pretty fast
Unlike other sanitary valves which take too long to turn on and off, the ball type is the complete opposite. It only needs to rotate at a 90 degrees angle to complete this action. This makes them the ideal choice for fitting into your water and gas lines.
It’s also important to note that these gadgets will rarely cause leakages. Even after several years of use, they function with utmost precision. This is what makes them reliable choices and arguably the best for service delivery.

4. They Have an Impressive Sealing Procedure
Currently, the largest majority of these sanitary seats are made from polytetrafluoroethylene with other flexible components. The sealing material consists of both non-metallic and metallic materials, often called soft seals. They, therefore, close seamlessly and accurately with no surface roughness.

5. Highly Durable
Another factor worth mentioning is its ability to function for a long time. In today’s market, you won’t find more durable sanitary valves. They can handle both cold and hot temperate conditions as well as pressure. As such, they are used in different kinds of environments. Lastly, because most of them are made from 100% stainless steel, they’re no cases of rust which further adds to their awesome durability.

6. They Are Cost-Effective Products
Well, there’s nothing which pleases a consumer more than buying something affordable. The ball type sanitary valves are among such commodities with several affordable fittings in the current market. Today, you’ll find most of them being used in residential pipe installations.

Once installed, you can even forget about them as your assured that they’ll last for a long time. They are no periodic replacements needed which further cements their cost-effective nature!

  1. Resistant to Corrosions
    Their stainless steel material gives these valves the resistance they need to prevent rust and corrosion. Of course, because of the roughness that comes with transporting fluids like water and those containing chemicals, you need a valve that can withstand wear and tear. If you’re from the coastal regions, make sure you get one made from stainless steel, to avoid the high corrosion incidences.

    7. They Are Reliable and Require Few Maintenance Procedures!
    Just like we’ve previously pointed out, once properly installed these gadgets don’t need a lot of monitoring. What’s more, they have an impressive level of performance meaning that you’ll hardly notice any faults in their functionality. This is unlike other sanitary valves which are prone to failures now and then.

Interestingly, even without a lubricant, they don’t get stuck during operation. They can also have a fire-resistant, anti-static structure which makes them suitable for moving natural gas, and oils across the pipeline system.


The ball-type sanitary valves are proving to be a game-changer in the industrial and residential pipeline systems of today. They are hygiene products made with precision and accuracy to ensure effective functionality. Their popularity continues to grow because of their ability to last for a long time and their cost-effective nature.

So, if you’re running a food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical or water distribution plant, these sanitary valves should be the first on your mind. Remember that they are proven devices which can withstand all conditions and will hardly let you down!

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