Top Rated Licensed Plumbing Companies in California

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When you’re looking for the best service with your plumbing issue, it’s important that you have a fully licensed and insured contractor. What’s even more important is that when you ask questions (which you should ask plenty of), you get answers that make you feel like you are part of a family, and not just another notch in your plumber’s tool belt. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about one of the best top rated licensed plumbing companies in California and give you some tips on how to get ahold of your plumber (and what for).

My toilet is clogged. Should I Call My Plumber?

If you have something that can easily be done yourself, such as plunging your toilet with a plunger, then you probably don’t want to waste your time or hard-earned cash with a plumber. Not saying that this will solve your problems, but if it does, then you don’t need to make that call. Other things you may be able to do that don’t require an actual plumber may even be something such as clogged drains (which even your sink drain can be fixed by flushing and plunging it out). Anything else that is more serious or not easily resolved though, may leave you needing to make a call to your plumber.

What About a Pipe Leak?

If you’re trying to clean your dishwasher, or even clean gutters, downspouts, and even fix a leaking pipe, this can be done rather quickly and easily as long as it’s not a serious leak. By checking on your plumber (and doing homework to research if they have a website), you may just find tips that they provide that can give you the best way to fix things yourself so you don’t have to rely on them. If you have some tools at home (like a pipe wrench or pliers), you might be able to fix it yourself just by slightly tightening the gasket that is leaking (like a washer hose, etc.)

Who Offers the Best Solutions in Plumbing in California?

When it comes to finding the plumber San Diego, you can get ahold of Core Plumbing and see that this father and son team will be there in a jiffy to give you a full analysis and even offer a consultation appointment that can help get your problem fixed fast. Not only that, but they’ll make sure that you get a contractor that is licensed and insured (always ask for a license number even if you’ve seen it before, and proof of insurance) who is more than qualified to fix your needs.


Core Plumbing has been working in the San Diego area for years, and they specialize in just about everything plumbing you could imagine, from plumbing repair and service to water, gas, and sewer services. Not only that, but they can even assist you with your house water filtration system if you want one. By calling a family oriented 5-star plumbing company, you can expect just the same kind of service, and you will be a part of the family.

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