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Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World (Update)

7 – Marilyn Monroe

The legendary Marilyn Monroe is one of the World’s greatest sex symbols of all time. Her beauty has been trademark to our Pop Culture and her grace along with one of the sexiest presences to have ever made the film is still common knowledge to everyone. The legendary scene named “Flying Skirt” where Marilyn’s skirt is blown up by a subway grate in New York is one of the most iconic in Movie History and defining of the sexual revolution that erupted little after.

6 – Sophia Loren

Fair enough to say Sophia Loren is now 85 years old. But to understand why she makes the list, watch any of the movies she’s starred in the 1960s. Her beauty gave her the legendary status of one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived, personifying the beauty of the Italian woman with her intense green eyes and perfect figure. Sophia played a key role in the sexual revolution at the time.

5 – Jennifer Aniston

It’s hard to find a soul in the World that doesn’t love Jennifer Aniston. Not only America’s but most of the World’s eternal girlfriend, her smile seems is able to melt the rockiest of hearts. She will forever be remembered for her role in the TV Show “Friends”. Looking unbelievable age of 50, Jennifer is today as gorgeous as we remember her from 25 years ago!

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