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When it comes to bodybuilding, many imagine a picture of a muscular man, and this is quite obvious. But what if, instead of men, we think about strong women? Female bodybuilders – beauty or ugliness? It would seem that bodybuilding is not a female sport at all, but this fact did not stop some ladies. Who are women bodybuilders? We present to your attention a selection of TOP-10 powerful women bodybuilders.

Female Bodybuilders around the world (2021)

10. Christine Roth

Christine Roth

Who said beautiful women bodybuilders are nonsense? Christine Roth is the brightest representative among bodybuilders over the past 20 years. In 2002 and 2003, the athlete fought for the champion title in the Canadian bodybuilding championship. Then she took only the 2nd and 3rd places. Roth cannot imagine herself without sports.

How much effort does it take to keep fit if you’re a woman? Some do not go in for sports at all – and still, look great. Others regularly go to the gym – and they also look good. And then there are women who train constantly and are the owners of truly strong muscular bodies. For some, sport is a hobby, and for them, a profession.

9. Juliette Bergmann

Juliette Bergmann

This female bodybuilder is known throughout the world. She has won three victories in the Miss Olympia contest. An American athlete of Dutch origin today works in the editorial office of a women’s magazine, the subject of which is related to bodybuilding, fitness, and wrestling.

8. Nadia Nardi

Nadia Nardi

Canadian bodybuilder who has been engaged in bodybuilding for 15 years. Her most significant achievement is first place in the Canadian Championship, which she received in 2007.

7. Tonya Knight

Tonya Knight

This is not just a woman bodybuilder, but also a participant in the gladiatorial battles, in which she performed under the name “Gold”. Tonya in 1991 won the title of Miss International. After 2 years, Knight was forced to leave the sport due to a serious injury.

6. Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass

The most famous woman bodybuilder from America. She began professionally engaged in wrestling and bodybuilding in the late 80s. Despite the fact that her appearance was far from representations of female beauty, Nicole dreamed of being an actress. And she succeeded, from 1997 to 2000, Bass Fachez starred in the movie. In 2017, at the age of 52, one of the most powerful women on the planet died, because of a heart attack.

5. Betty Pariso

Betty Pariso

This American athlete is considered one of the most famous age bodybuilders in the world. Now Betty is 61 years old, and she was diligently engaged in bodybuilding until she was 54 years old. Since the beginning of the 90s, the bodybuilder began her sporting performances, and in 1996 received the status of a professional IFBB. Paris for many women has become a real role model – she not only achieved high results in her sports career but at the same time she is a loving wife, mother of two children, and a caring grandmother. The bodybuilder woman before and after is very different, but this does not mean that she ceases to be a woman, and Betty Pariso proved this by personal example.

4. Annie Rivieccio

Annie Rivieccio

She began to engage in bodybuilding in 1986 and went to her first competition after 2 years of intensive training. In the rank of amateur athletes, Rivizzo spent 15 years. And only in 2003, after a serious victory at the NPC Nationals, the athlete moved to a professional rank. In 2005, she won the New York Pro Gold.

3. Rosemary Jennings

Rosemary Jennings

She is Rosemary Jennings. She from the beautiful Island of Barbados, West Indies where she received most of her education. Rosemary Jennings worked as an Executive Administrator for many years before becoming self-employed as a Certified Personal Trainer. Although Rosemary Jennings loved Her job she felt she had more to offer as an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. She was introduced to the sport by an old scholar (Aereal Johnson) who was very persistent in transforming her body into that of a bodybuilder and the rest is history.

This athlete in early childhood realized that sport is her life goal, and she began to engage in bodybuilding in her youth. Thanks to her passion, which has grown into something more, Jennings is popular all over the world.

2. Ana Claudia Pires

Ana Claudia Pires


She simply cannot imagine her life without bodybuilding and training. The Brazilian athlete, despite her age, has a perfectly pumped figure and constantly catches the enthusiastic looks of those around her.

Ana Claudia Pires can be really a Brazilian feminine bodybuilder. born at Rio p Janeiro/Tijuca. She’d consistently drifted and invisibly till she arrived 15 and watched a”Flex” publication and chose to start up bodybuilding. Back in 2005, she cried in the Oval novice Championship, and in spite of the huge muscle mass and definition, she set 15th for excessive of bulk to its European criteria, also that she presumed this was so amazing as she’d consistently imagined becoming too huge as potential, neverminding the estimateĀ“s ruling.

1. Kim Chizevsky

Kim Chizevsky

American sportswoman bodybuilder. She belongs to those strong women who managed to achieve stunning success in the early stages of their careers. Who would have thought that a young girl who started her sport with acrobatics in 3 years would become a professional at IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding Fitness)? Despite the fact that after the birth of two children, Kim ended her sports career, she did not leave the sport and organizes competitions.

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