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Check SSC Result 2020 By Online –

Secondary School Certificate SSC Result 2020 Online publish time is very important to all users. All Bangladeshi People can and also from anywhere from the World can check the SSC Result 2020 through Online early. You may know that The Education Board Bangladesh Publish the Result with this system First. As an example, we can explain its details. When the Prime Minister will hand over the Result, Education Board completes the process immediately for publishing it online.

So, in this content, you and I both will learn clearly of this system. The Education Board Bangladesh Computer Center makes a Result sheet for Online and also a Result summary (Hard Copy). On the announced time, Education Board Operator uploads the Result Sheet (Pre ready file) on the Server. The users who are trying to check their Result will get their Individual Result from the Server.

The process of SSC Result 2020 Online:

We have already informed the Individual system of Result. Education Boards have some Filter option. The filter will work to separate Result as per user request. Imagine, you want to check Dhaka board SSC Result 2020 Online when you will ask the Server to provide your Result, It will be delivered shortly. Here, no more command requires using to get Result. So, anyone who has basic Internet browsing knowledge can check SSC Exam Result or Equivalent Result by the Internet.


Too many official Result Servers available where you will get your Result. So, you need to know the Exact Website Address where you will get your Result. In this Section, You will get it clearly.

  • Education Board Bangladesh official Result Portal
  • – Web-based Result Publication System for Education Board
  • Education Board Mail Server – Institution Result (Institute Wise Result with EIIN)
  • Specific Education Board Official Website – Internal Result Server of Board.

All of these systems will publish the Result Online. So, you can follow any process to check your SSC Result 2020 Online quickly. In the below, you will get details information also available for you.

Education Board Bangladesh Official Result Portal –

It is the First official Result Portal of Bangladesh. Here, anyone will get their Result easily. It is also known as the Education Board Bangladesh Result Archive. In this Server, SSC Result 2020 can check Online by entering the Student basic information like SSC Board Name, Roll Number, Registration number and Passing year. If you are new to here, kindly follow the instruction First to last.

  • Firstly, Visit
  • Secondly, Select your Examination Name. Here, SSC/Dakhil is your Examination Name.
  • Thirdly, Select 2020 as Passing Year (Exam year)
  • Now, select your Education Board Name from the list. You will see all available Education Board Name under this Category.
  • Then, type SSC Roll Number and Registration Number on the separate Box
  • Moreover, Verify yourself as Human by typing the Math Answer on the box and
  • Finally, click on the Submit button to see your Result.

Please be noted that you can check Published Result only. The Result isn’t published yet, can’t check from this system.

Advertisement – Web-based Result Publication system:

It is the recently added Official Result Server of Education Board Bangladesh. In the past, it was the custom Result Server of Dhaka Education Board where only Dhaka Board Result published. Its link was

Day by Day, the pressure was going on the official Result Portal of Education Board Bangladesh. So, Dhaka Board Internal Result Server changed to Dedicated Result Server for All Education Board. Let’s start following this system to check your SSC Result 2020 Online.

  • Firstly, Click from any internet browser
  • Then, Click SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result Button
  • To check SSC Result 2020 Online, select Examination Name as SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent
  • Now Select 2020 which is the SSC Exam year
  • Again Select your Education Board Name from the list
  • Moreover, Select Individual Result from Result Type.
  • You will see Roll Number, Registration Number, and Security Key Box. Now, type the SSC Roll Number and Security Key. Here, you can keep the Registration Number input box Blank. It is optional.
  • Finally, Click on the Get Result Button from the Footer and see your Result.

It is one of the best processes for checking SSC Result 2020 Online. Why? Because it doesn’t ask Registration Number. No other Individual System available where you will get your Result expects Registration Number.

Education Board Mail Server:

Education Board Mail Server is another process of SSC Result 2020 from Online. This system will publish Institution Result. So, anyone will get their Whole Institute SSC Result 2020 from this server. Individual Result isn’t available here. Only Institute School/Madrasah EIIN Number requires downloading the Result Sheet. Here, EIIN means Educational Institute Identity Number. It is a unique number which powered by the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh. Let’s follow it a guideline and check Institute wise SSC Result 2020.

  • Firstly, Visit and you will see a screen.
  • Secondly, Select your Education Board Name. Here, Board = Your Institute registered Board Name.
  • Now, Type your Institute EIIN
  • Type of Result: Recent Publish Result will be selected automatically.
  • Finally, Click on the Get Institution Result and check your Result quickly.

You are also eligible to print the Result Sheet from the server directly. You can also download the PDF File of SSC Institution Result 2020 Online Individually from the desired Server.

SSC Board Result 2020 Check Online:

Without the above systems, people can also check their SSC Result 2020 from Online under their Education Board. Most of the Education Board publishes its own Board Result on their internal Result server. So, if you’re Education boards have a custom/internal Result Server, kindly visit its link to check your Result quickly. As an example, Dinajpur Board SSC Examine can check their SSC Result 2020 by visiting According to a similar process, maximum boards have a Result server.

In the Final words, we hope you have already checked your SSC Result 2020 Online successfully. For any other Result or Educational information, Visit our Website to see the updates. Have a nice day.



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