The SSC exam result will be available on the parent’s mobile!!

ssc exam result

SSC Exam Result- Jessore Education Board has taken an initiative to send SSC exam results to the parent’s mobile number. For this purpose, an emergency notice was issued on Sunday (5 April). On that notice, the heads of educational institutions have been instructed to submit the mobile number of resultant candidates by April 30.

The board’s test regulator said that the initiative is taken not due to the impact of Coronavirus but to reach the fastest result and reduce suffering.

Jessore Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board Examination Controller Professor Madhav Chandra Rudra said the result of the SSC exam was released every year in the last week of April or the first week of May. These will repeat and he is working on that goal. However, due to the public transport stops under the influence of the Coronavirus, it is still not possible to return from the teachers after the evaluation of the booklet. Because of it, the release date may be delayed.

He said the result will be released if the country returns to normal. However, the notice of giving SSC Results on mobile has nothing to do with the Corona effect.

He added, ‘we have taken initiative to reach the result to the students and their parents quickly and without suffering.’ The result will be announced in the school according to the previous rules and the result will go to the parents of the examiner. This will increase the financial costs of the board but also reduce the suffering of candidates.

Professor Madhab Chandra Rudra said the school head would fill the prescribed form with the mobile number of the parents on board websites of their own educational institutions. They will complete the task by April 30 and this year the SSC Result will be published in the school and sent to the parent’s mobile number.

For knowing about the matter, Jessore Education Board Chairman Molla Amir Hossain said the government had directed to avoid public meetings because of coronavirus. It has said to maintain social distance. But it has a possibility after publishing results the parents and student may become overwhelming. So, the initiative has been taken to avoid public meetings and to deliver results at the fastest time without suffering.

The government has declared a general holiday from March 25 to April 3 to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Depending on the situation, the usual holidays may be extended to Pahela Baisakh. The issue is discussed at an unannounced meeting at Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s official residence Ganobhaban on Monday.

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal, Planning Minister MA Mannan and several ministers were attended the meeting. A meeting would be held on Tuesday at the Ganobhaban. The final decision will be made there. Besides the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Minister of State for Food, Public Administration, Minister of State for Relief and Disaster will be present in the meeting. In addition, Secretary-level officials of various ministers, including the minister of health will be present there.

It is known that the current general holiday period is expected to end on April 5 but it has been decided to extend till April 14, because of the risks of coronavirus. The government office will be reopening from April 15.

The educational institute will though open on April 11 but will open after the Ramadan Eid. As they say, the educational institutions are closed as well as the residential halls of the respective institutions have been closed. If the educational institute is started all students will return to the halls, which may increase the risk. Therefore, it has been announced that the educational institution will be opened after Eidul Fitar.

The guideline has been given of proper distribution of food, money to the poor from government funds. At 10 am this morning, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina joined the video conference with officials of the 64 district from Ganobhaban to coordinate ongoing activities across the country against coronavirus.

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