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The makeup of Ranu Mondal, Surprised the Internet world (Video)

Ranu Mondal used to sing at the station. A viral video, the rest is history. She recorded the song while standing in a studio in Mumbai. And now she came up with a new discussion. It was difficult to recognize her when she wears the new makeover.

As seen in the picture, she has worn the beige lehenga with heavy jewelry. Make a new hairstyle with rose. And also put makeup on the face. Ranu Mondal is the victim of trolling for her this getup. Some of commented below this picture that, ” This time Aishwariya Rai Bacchan will be ashamed to see you”.

In fact, Ranu’s face has been made a little more white by make-up. So, people are making fun. Recently the song ‘Ashiki Me Teri’ has been released by Himesh Reshmiyaar and the voice was given by Ranu Mondal. Himesh shared the song by himself.


Some days ago Ranu said that many people rushed to see her and want to hug and many of those fans smell bad, that’s the problem. Ranu Mondal told the media that when they came to hug me the bad smell made her uncomfortable and disgusted.

‘Ranu Mondal’ the name went viral for several months on social media. Beginning with the video of the singing at the Ranaghat station, the journey still going. Ranu Mondal has play backed in the movie ‘Happy Hardy and Hero’ film by Himesh Reshamier. Internet sensation Ranu Mondal has debuted in Bollywood in the song ‘ Teri meri Kahani’.

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