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SSC Result 2021: of Bangladesh, All info is available here. The Result will publish Online; Mobile SMS & Android App. The secondary School Certificate (SSC) Exam is one of the largest public exams in Bangladesh. Every year, a large number of students attend this Exam. Now, they are ready to check their Result. After the Official announcement of the SSC Result, Bangladeshi people are feeling excited. So, we are providing some special guidelines for you. It will help you check the SSC Exam Result 2021 of Bangladesh.

Secondary School Certificate is the complete form of SSC. SSC is the largest public exam in Bangladesh. Without Bangladesh, India also holds on the SSC Exam which is known as 10th Class. Every Year, SSC Exam starts on February First Week and its Result publish on My First Week. Basically, it takes 3 months to complete the Exam and Result process. So, in this post, we are describing SSC Result 2021 Bangladesh. There are Ten Education boards available that participate in the SSC and Equivalent Result.

The Authority of the Ministry of Education controls all Education Boards. So, Full control is on the Ministry of Education and the Education Ministry can make any decision about the Result, Result Date, or others. All Education Board of Bangladesh Publishes their Result Online. They have a Specific Website. So, they publish their Result on that website while all board result publishes on the Education Board Bangladesh Result archive.

SSC Result 2021
SSC Result 2021

SSC Result 2021 Bangladesh:

We have already been informed that SSC Exam is available in Bangladesh, India, and some other countries. But, in this section, we are describing the SSC Result 2021 of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, SSC is the 3rd public Exam in Bangladesh. After completing PSC in Class Five, JSC in Class Eight, and the SSC Exam is in Class 10. After completing the Class 10 Study, Students attend the SSC Exam. This year’s (2021) SSC Exam has started on 1st February 2021 and was completed in the same month.

The Result of SSC Exam 2021 will publish on 30 Dec 2021. Not only this year but also every year SSC Exam Result published in May. We will inform you of the official Announcements about the SSC Result very soon. While the Authority will declare the Result, it will be available here early from the announcement.

The Result and Results are related to all the information you will find in this content. So, why you’re late? Let’s check out all the necessary information from our end. Results published Date, Online Result checking system, SSC Marksheet Download system, and Re-Scrutiny program info are also available here for you.

When will the SSC Result 2021 Publish?

Bangladeshi People don’t know the Result publish date and time. Maximum people don’t use the Internet. So, don’t know this information. It is very important to know the Result publish date and also time. Who will announce the date of the Result? First of all, the Education Minister of Bangladesh will announce the date of SSC Result 2021 to the press. While she will announce, all media of Bangladesh (Press, Online, and TV) will publish it immediately. The Date calculation system of SSC Result BD Publish is similar for every year. So, educated people can make an idea about the Result.

Every year, SSC Result publish within May First or Second Week. Because the SSC Exam of Every Year starts at the same time (February First Week), the Result date is similar. As per getting the Official Announcement from the Ministry of Education or any Specific Education Board, we will publish it immediately.

Result Publish time doesn’t confirm during the date announcements. It fully depends on the Technical Team of the Education Board. They publish the Hard Copy of the Result at 10 AM on the Date. They Handover the Result to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. The Prime Minister will publish the Result to the media. She will publish the Percentage of Pass of All Board and Specific Board. She also publishes a Total GPA of 5 count and other information. That’s all. Individual and Institution Result publish Online after a while. Anyone can check the Result publish time Online.

How to Check SSC Result 2021?

Many People of Bangladesh don’t know the Result check system. So, they are searching for this question online. So, we are providing a solution to this question here. There are too many systems available. Online (Website), Mobile SMS system, and Android App system are popular from them.

Currently, the Institution Result system allows the institute to download its All Examine Result in a Sheet. So, the entire Institute does this. They download all student’s Results and publish the result in Notice Board. So, you can also visit your School/Institute to check your Result offline. It is free for all and the Teacher will be responsible for the result. If you don’t see your Result on the Notice Board, kindly ask your Teacher. They will provide your Result.

How to Check SSC Result 2021 Online?

SSC Result 2021 Online is one of the best popular systems. It is also an easy system for people. Anyone from Bangladesh and also from other countries can check the SSC Result Online. Education Board Bangladesh official Result Website will publish the Result Online. Besides this, Every Individual Education Board will publish the SSC Result of the entire Board Online. So, the Student, Examine, Teacher, Guardian, Relatives, and other People can check their Results.

What kinds of Information need to check the SSC Result 2021 online? Education Board Name, Student Roll number, and Registration number require checking their Result quickly from Online. Website based Online Result check system is also available. Let’s follow the below guides now.

SSC Result 2021 – www education board results from gov bd:

SSC Result 2021 will publish on  Education Board Results gov bd. It is the Government Result Archive. All Education Board all public Result store on this Website. You can now follow our step-by-step guide. You will get your result to confirm.

  1. Firstly Visit www education board results in gov bd
  2. Secondly, Select Examination: SSC/Dakhil
  3. Thirdly, Select 2021 under Year
  4. Now, Select your Education Board Name
  5. Then, Type your SSC Roll Number
  6. Again, Type your SSC Registration Number
  7. Moreover, Type the Answer to the question you will see on the Screen. It will show like 6+3 =? Just type 9 in the box
  8. Finally, Click on the Submit button.

You will show your SSC Result 2021 on the Screen. All Education Board Results can check from this Server. It is free for all users. No location-based Restriction is available. So, anyone can check the Result from anywhere.

How to Check SSC Result 2021 by SMS?

Mobile Phone users can check their SSC Exam Result easily from Mobile SMS System. This system is powered by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. Any Mobile Phone and Any Network Operator can use to send the Message for checking SSC results. So, anyone can use their current Personal Mobile Phone to send a message for checking the Result.

The Mobile SMS Format for All Education Board is the same. Just Education Board First Three Letters are different. Standard SMS Charge is 2.44TK for each Message. So, keep your account balance and then send the message. So, type the below SMS in your Mobile Message option. Then, send the message to 16222.

SSC <space> Board <space> Roll <space> 2021

Here, Board means the First Three Letters of Board Name. Imagine, you are under Sylhet Education Board. So, Your Board Name First Three Letters is SYL. So, your Message will be like SSC SYL 123123 2021. Here, 123123 is the Example Roll Number. Just replace the Roll number with your original SSC Roll of Rajshahi Education Board and send the message after publishing the Result Online.

If you have a Teletalk Prepaid Mobile Phone, you will get your Result quickly by SMS. Other Operators take several times to respond from the server.

How to Check SSC Result 2021 by App?

Android Application of Bangladesh Board Results is available. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has developed an App for Smartphone users. They can now install the App on their Android Smartphone from Google Play Store. The quick link is available on the Education Board Bangladesh official Result Archive footer Section.

Firstly, Visit the Link of Education Board Results that is Now click on the Google Play image which is available in the footer section. Now, you will be redirected to the Play Store. Now, Install the App on your Smartphone. You can check SSC Result 2021 BD and all other Results of the All Board. The SSC Exam Result 2021 will available only after publishing the Result Online. So, you can’t check your Result early before publishing the Result Online.

If you have installed the App successfully or the App already available on your Smartphone, you can now check you’re Result by using the App. The same information requires checking the SSC Result 2021 which is required Online. Above all, Collect Student Roll Number and Registration Number and finally check your SSC Result 2021 by Mobile App.

SSC Result Marksheet 2021 – Download SSC Number Wise Mark Sheet from Online:

All the People can download their SSC Full Marksheet with Marks Online. It is Free. The Ministry of Education and all Education Board made this system. Form the last three years, All Board published Number (Marks) of the Examine. The Marks will be available on It is the Web-Based Result publication system for the Education Board. Bangladesh Technical Education Board SSC Vocational Result, Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board Dakhil Result will also publish on this Server with Marks. So, you can get your own Board Marks of SSC Result on this Server and also on your Board Server. Board-wise Result check server Link will be available later on this post.

SSC Full Marksheet 2021 –

Now, visit (Web-Based Result) and see the Result publish Message. You will get Result Publish time on the Screen. So, again visit the same web portal and check your Result Online. Step by Step guides is available here for you. You need to type/enter your SSC Roll and Registration numbers to get Subject wise Marks. Without a Registration number, you will get the SSC Letter Grade Marksheet Only.

  1. Firstly, Visit
  2. Now, Click the link of SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
  3. Then, Select SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent under Examination
  4. Again, Select Exam Year. Here, your Year is 2021
  5. Moreover, Select your Education Board Name
  6. Select Individual from Result type
  7. Type your SSC Roll Number
  8. Again, Type your SSC Registration Number
  9. Now, type the Security Key
  10. Finally, Click on the Get Result button

By following the above steps, you will get your Result quickly. Imagine, you don’t have the SSC Registration Number. You want to check your SSC Result 2021 BD quickly. This server will allow you to check the Result quickly and faster Online without a Registration Number. Not only the Result but will you also get your SSC Letter Grade mark sheet from the server.

Institution Result – Institute Wise SSC Result 2021:

It is the popular Result check system now. All the Institute head and other Teacher can download their whole School Results (All Examine) in a Sheet. It is very important to download all Results within a few seconds. The result and Result Report also show on the file. Direct Print Option and the PDF Download link are available on the Server. So, what kinds of information is required for checking Institute-wise SSC Result 2021 BD? Only the Institute EIIN number is enough to get the Result. We hope you have cleared the information we have provided.

How to Download SSC Result 2021 by EIIN Number?

It is called Institution Result. If you are ready to check or Download SSC Results of your Whole School (Institute), let’s start following these steps.

  1. Firstly, Visit
  2. Secondly, Select your Education Board Name
  3. Thirdly, Type the Institute EIIN Number
  4. Select Type of Result: SSC or Equivalent
  5. Finally, Click on the Get Institution Result

By following the above 5 steps, anyone can check a School All Students Result. It will save time while the Individual Result check needs too many times.

There is another web server available where people can check the Institution Result by EIIN Number. Just Visit and follow all systems that we have used during the SSC Marksheet Download system. Keep all systems the same and Change the Result type from Individual Result to Institution Result. After selecting, you will see a box to enter the EIIN of the Institute. Just enter it into the box and click on the Get Result button. Your Result will be visible on the Screen. You can print the Whole Result sheet by clicking on the Print Button.

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