Institute wise SSC Result 2019

Institute Wise SSC Result 2019 is very important to People. All of the Teachers and Institute head can download their Whole Institute Result on a Sheet. The System is called Institute Wise Result. Only Institute EIIN Number Require. Here, EIIN means Educational Institute Identity Number. It is a Unique Number reserved by the Ministry of Education.

In this Post, We are describing the Institute Wise SSC Result  2019 Check system. It will help your All Students SSC Result in a Sheet. You can Print the File instantly or Download as PDF. It will save you valuable time. Let’s check or Download your Whole School Result.

How to Check Institute Wise SSC Result 2019:

There are two different servers available where you can download your Result. One is and another is the Education Board Mail Server. In the First step, keep ready your Institute EIIN Number. Now, wait for publishing the SSC Result 2019 Officially.

Not only can the institute Head or Teachers, But Any people also check the Result of Specific Institute from Online. The Ministry of Education and Board made this system open for everyone.

Institute Wise SSC Result 2019 –

Web-Based Result Publication System for Education Board ( provides Institution Result Just time of Result. Education Board Bangladesh Publish the Result within Pre-announced time. When the Individual Result will publish, Institution Result will also publish on the same time. So, follow the below Instruction now.

  • Firstly, Visit from your PC/Laptop
  • Secondly, Click on the SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result
  • Thirdly, Select Examination Name (SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent), Year (2019) and Board Name
  • Now, Select Institution Result under Result Type
  • Now type your EIIN Number and Security Code which showing in the left side.
  • Finally, Tape Get Result and Your Result will be visible on the Screen.

If you follow the above guide, you will get your Institution Result of SSC Exam 2019. Another system is also available on the below. You can also follow the system to get your Institute Wise Result from Online.

SSC Result 2019 1

Institution Result – SSC Result 2019:

This is another Official Result Portal where you can download your Full Institute SSC Exam Result quickly. If you want, you can also download your SSC Result Sheet PDF from this Server.

  • Firstly, Visit
  • Then, Select your Education Board Name under the Board
  • Again, type the EIIN of your Institute (School or Madrasah)
  • Moreover, Select SSC or Equivalent from Type of Result
  • Finally, Click on the Get Institute Result.

This Server also publishes all Exam Result of Bangladesh Immediately. Not only the SSC Result but also you will get the JSC/JDC Result, HSC/Alim/Equivalent Result on the Server.

In Conclusion, We can tell you that, Institution Result only Provide Result Summary only. You can Check details Result of an Examine Individually. To get this, kindly visit another Post SSC Result 2019 by Online. We hope you will get your Result with Marks on the server. Thank you for being with us.

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