Senior People Meet – The Online Dating Website for the Elderly

When it comes to online dating websites for the elderly, you need to look at the fact that most of the people that are younger than you are using dating websites. Fortunately, there are some solutions for those who are older, and you can find that on SeniorPeopleMeet, that you can find that special someone in an online world where most of the users are above the age of 55. That’s great, right?

When You Sign Up

This membership is a way to sign up free and you can browse other users and profiles to find the right match for you, just like any other. But most importantly, you need to be able to share interests with people around your age. Because of this, SeniorPeopleMeet ended up merging with the popular OurTime dating website, making the database of users even more than usual dating sites for the older aged adults possible.

What About Paying?

You can, of course, choose standard memberships (a 6-month plan with no contract), monthly value memberships by paying for 6 months in advance (for a discounted price of course), or a monthly price (at a little higher rate per month) for extra additional features of the premier membership. Honestly, for 30 bucks, you’re better off going with a no-hassle six-month premium membership, as compared to the standard (around 15 dollars per month), and the per month (which is 18 per month).

Of course, this isn’t absolutely necessary, but it does allow you to have a wider array of features once you have become familiar with the site. Use the free membership to get used to using the site and choosing whether or not you want to continue to.

What About My Security?

According to the Best Senior Dating Sites review of Senior People Meet, your security is extremely important and they make sure that you are actually you, as well as having the ability to help keep your identity discreet and safe. Honestly, any site that’s been a dominating force in the world of online dating for seniors for over five years should have some pull when it comes to being able to offer secure solutions for you.

Why SeniorPeopleMeet Can Be Great

Well, other than the rest of this article, knowing that you need to take it slow, but still have the ability to connect with other people who may share your conservative values, being able to access and message people in a social media platform designed for the elderly, and the free signup available, there are other things that you do need to know.


SeniorPeopleMeet may not be everyone, as some people have experienced, but more than anything their interface and ease of use is much better than many websites out there. That being said, they even have a mobile app for those who are just getting used to their cell phones, which is just as easy to use as their site. Don’t hesitate to enjoy being somewhat frivolous and have the adult interaction (no, we mean safe for work interaction… get your head out of the gutter) with likeminded people just the same, and check out SeniorPeopleMeet. If it’s not for you, move on and find the next site you want to try. Never give up!

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