Saudi Arabia al-Gachim Buraida’s life story

Saudi Arabia al Gachim

The Senate has stalled the initiative taken by US President Donald Trump to sell billion-billion dollar arms to Saudi Arabia. Referring to Saudi Arabia’s threat from Iran, last month, President Trump tried to sell eight billion dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia, passing the Congress last month.

But on Thursday the Senate passed three proposals to stop selling senate weapons on the consensus. Republicans have a majority in the Senate.

President Trump has said, he will give Vito on the proposal. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, or the representative council, are likely to put an end to this initiative of selling arms.

Analysts said it is fairly sure that there is not enough number of votes in the Congress to overturn President Trump Vito.

Apart from Saudi Arabia, arms will be sold to the United Arab Emirates and Jordan under this agreement. Referring to unrest in the Middle East, Mr. Trump wanted to sell weapons on an emergency basis last month.

But Mr. Trump’s move comes intensely. Because the opponents expressed fear that the Saudi-led coalition would use these weapons in Yemen.

A few hours before the initiative to stop arms sales, Iran has sacked a US drone in the Hormuz system. As a result, the Trump administration can argue that their friends in the Middle East need arms of the state.

Congressmen have criticized the way Saudi Arabia is violating human rights in Yemen.

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