Samsung has already started working on 6G

The 5G Internet Service is available in several countries like Europe, South Koria, United Kingdom and relevant. Maximum countries are out of 5G Service. Samsung the largest Smartphone and Tech Company informed that they are working with the 6G. Samsung informed that Europe, China, and the United States, there are open discussions on the need for research on 6G.

As per Samsung Research share on its website: Since then, Samsung has made one technological advancement on top of another getting 5G technology closer and closer to the level required for commercialization.

In September 2017, Samsung demonstrated seamless data transmission for a vehicle traveling over 200km/h as well as the world’s first 5G handover for a vehicle traveling at 192km/h.

The Aim of 6G is providing Internet Service on the Whole area, Increasing internet speed, Managing multiple internet Devices and decreasing system loss.

The world will get 6G Service very soon while the Samsung and other company started research with this. Keep checking the 4G updates on Daily News Gallery.

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