Samsung Galaxy A90 notchless infinity screen Official Announcement

Samsung Galaxy A90 “notchless infinity screen” might have pop-up camera. Samsung announced this officially on their official Website. There are preparing to release another A Series Smartphone mid-range device: the Samsung Galaxy A90. The Galaxy A90 is expected to launch at a Samsung event on April 10. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The A90 Smartphone will release with all available feature of Galaxy A30 & A50. In February, It was Rumor that the Phone A90 will Release with Pop up Camera but, we didn’t get any update till now. It is not confirmed officially.

After the Announcement of Samsung Galaxy A90 Release Date, We will inform you the information immediately on this Website with Its Price, Feature and Full Specification.

On Thursday (21 March 2019), Dutch site Galaxy Club found a mention of the Galaxy A90’s “Notchless Infinity Display” on the Indonesian version of Samsung’s website. The text is curiously found in a footnote next to a photo of a Galaxy phone (A30 or A50) that has a display notch.

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