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Pori Moni is in Indonesia with her boyfriend

Time was going to a little shaky. However, since Gias Uddin Selim’s film ‘Swapnjal’ she has turned around after making the film. Now she is not acting in every film. This heroine is working on choosing a good quality film. And the span of the vacation she went to Bali, Indonesia with her journalist boyfriend. There she posted some of their ‘romantic’ images on its social networking site Facebook. Whereas it is seen, Porimoni is spreading light in the swimming pool along with her boyfriend Tamim, he is an entertainer journalist in the profession.

Pori Moni in Indonesia Photo

Pori Moni Indonesia

On the other hand, the rumor of marriage to Tamim Hassan closed by Porimoni. However, the words of the couple were understood to be good chemistry. She said that their families will decide the marriage date. Pori Moni said, “Our two families have been discussing the issue of marriage recently. Our marriage will be arranged by families. I am the eldest daughter of my dynasty and Tamim is the eldest son of his family. Tamim and I want to marry now. Hah hah …