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India & Pakistan News: Indian people are angry for that incident and The Home Minister and Prime Minister told they gave the army clearance. Indian soldiers can do whatever they want.

Many people are rushing to the procession. Flashing torch lights from the candle light torches the light of the mobile. But what are the people who have lost their teammates, those who are battling the lives of the day, fighting the border? What are they trying to do? Who are responsible for the attack on Pulwama? No one wants to know that news. So the army jawans told themselves through social media.

One jawan was seen in the government’s face by the government on the issue of the Indian army’s food value in social media. But it did not change anything. They are not backward to change. Nehat has dragged his hand to the country’s politics, if not, the Indian army ready to respond strongly to all attacks. This is what they are saying again by the anger and again through the social media. The Indian media has published such news in Kolkata to 2pm.

It is further reported that, without knowing the name, a well-known army jumped from the border of Jammu and Kashmir and said, ‘Why can we say that we are being stuck in this way? Give me seven days. In Lahore, we will kill all the Pakistani soldiers. Their militants killed 40 of us. We can now go to their homes to kill 400 people. Please do not stop us, please. How long will it be to endure? ‘Javanans come to the neck and say that the words are heavy.

Jones, known as Manoj Thakur, protested earlier about the policies of the central government. Again, protesting through Facebook, he said, “Today, I lost 40 of my colleagues in Pulwama. It is a matter of great concern that it is going on day by day. We have been stuck. Hand folded legs. But ready to fight against all foreign forces. The government in Delhi is also doing politics about it. There is nothing more shameful than that. Leave us on duty it was a bigger incident than Uri. How long will we tolerate this? ‘

A young man wearing a uniform named Agent X, via Facebook Live, said, “I left this army’s uniform today. My resignation has been accepted. But why do I know that this is leaving the uniform? Because the people who do not know the price of this uniform, they talk about the people of Uri. It is their job to sit in the mattress of Delhi. I cannot believe it anymore.

40 CRPF jawans killed in Kashmir Pulwama Attack [Photo Gallery]

At the same time, he said, ‘We have joined the army as our own expertise. Delhi leaders do not vote so, why would we obey them? Why will they decide when we will fire in any situation? ‘

His claimed, ‘India’s system is bad. And it has been worse for the past 70 years. ‘In the protesting voice, he said, ‘do we rape? We violate the standards. When the militants violate everything and kill the killers, where are those intellectuals? Yes, we were born to die for the country. But those who throw stones at the soldiers, abusive, torture them, burn the national flag of India in front of our eyes we see this as a shame. But nowadays, I have to bear this day, so today I am forced to leave this uniform. ‘

The Prime Minister also said to the soldiers, ‘where and when the punishment of the culprits for this incident will be decided by my troops. I agree with them to do their own will. ‘

But the question is being raised in different quarters; the announcement is not there any other political move of the Prime Minister?


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