Hot Dog Day

National Hot dog day 2019

National Hot dog day 2019 is frequently approaching on Wednesday, on July 2019. During this festival, you will be capable of getting the discounted price on hot dogs, or you can also grab a free hotdog. Naturally, there are many questions and doubts coming in everybody’s mind like “Is there any special day to grab the deal?” So the whole thing will carry on for the entire week, and at the end, on Hot Dog day customers will get some crazy deals which will make their day.

There are many restaurants or places which are celebrating this day, not for the whole week; they are just celebrating this only for one day. But their deals are more impressing than others. Some of the restaurants are making strategies to enhance their sales on these special days.

So, in these articles, we will discuss some exciting things about hot dog day 2019, let us start without wasting time.

Facts about Hot Dog Day

  1. Most of the people do not know what the reason behind the celebration of the hot dog day is. Well, as we know, the hot dog is counted in the authentic and one of the old street food items in history. So, the day is celebrated to give respect to this delicious food item.
  2. From the start of hot dogs until now, there were thousands of varieties of hot dogs introduced. And chefs are still experimenting their recopies in order to give the hot dog a new version.
  3. On the Hot Dog day, many restaurants introduce their unique hotdogs which are genuinely original and filled with new flavors. And many of the restaurants give their fresh hotdogs for free so that they can increase their customers.
  4. The first Hot Dog day was celebrated in 1972, and Eric Vaughn and Mark O’Meara are known as the originators of this day.
  5. It is believed that every year, every American consumes more than 6o hotdogs.
  6. During the Hot Dog Day celebration, 155 million hotdogs are consumed in America only, and if calculate all the countries where it is celebrated, then the figures will go so high.
  7. A hotdog is never considered as an unhealthy food because it consumes 3.5% of vegan items and also contains soy and milk, which gives nutritious values to the eaters.
  8. There are many events or activities which are played during the celebration of hotdog day like dog races, hot dog eating competitions, concerts, live music, hotdog themed picnics, and many more.
  9. The hot dog is high in fat and sodium, so they are considered a good source of protein and iron.
  10. In Canada, during hot dog week, all offices, schools, and colleges remain off so that people can enjoy and celebrate this day properly.

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