National Chocolate Chip Day 2019: Make Choco chip easily at home


National Chocolate Chip Day 2019! 15th May 2019 is the National Chocolate Chip Day 2019. All the Chocolate lovers celebrate the day every year on the 15th day of May. The easy way to make Choco chips at home and things that can be made ten times better with these little treats.

To celebrate the National Chocolate Chip Day 2019, make Choco Chips at home and celebrate the day with your family. We are providing the guide for making this and you can also get help or support from Youtube by searching the Keyword.


Chocolate Chip Recipe at Home: Choco chip is as easy to make at home as delicious it is to eat. Anyone can try to make this at home. It will take a short time to complete. The main requirement is a dark chocolate/compound. It can be white chocolate or Milk chocolate. It will depend on your choice or availability.

National Chocolate Chip Day 15 May 2019

Additionally, you also need a Piping bag or any other stiff plastic bag that you can mold in the form of a cone and butter paper. No more items require making the Choco chip for celebrating the National Chocolate Chip Day 2019. You can make these items with the system:

  • Ice-Cream
  • Cake and pastries
  • Cookies
  • Choco Morsels
  • Shakes
  • Freak shakes


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