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Now there is only one discussion all over the country. Husband murdered in front of wife And standing there stood and saw hundreds of people. But no one came forward. In the meantime, the social network of angry social media The death of Rifat Sharif (22) is going on in Barguna district due to mourning. Thousands of people came from different areas to see Rifat in an area. On Thursday (June 27th), he was buried at the family graveyard at 5:30 pm after the funeral prayers at Rifat’s house.

Meanwhile, when the country is overwhelmed due to the demand for justice of Rifat killings, the real one video in front of this situation. Which has created quite a stir recently on social networking Facebook? From which many things are actually revealed!

Minnie Sharif is celebrating Joy on the birthday of Rifaat killer Nayan Bond.

On June 7, Minney gave a status on her Facebook page. There he wrote, ‘I forgot to forget you, I do not think all of them will be broken, I can not think of who is a friend except you, my friend, you are dying and who is there in this world?’

On Wednesday (June 26th), on the street of Barguna College Road, the Kailash Kindergarten was beaten in front of the wife Ayesha Akter before Rifat Sharif was beaten by miscreants. The video footage of this attack spread through social media. The deceased was identified as Rifat Sharif, son of Dulal Sharif of Sadar upazila.



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